Matthew Hayden: MS Dhoni Is Magical in IPL 2023 Final


Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni, who has exhibited remarkable resilience by playing with a knee injury throughout the tournament, has granted himself a timeframe of 8-9 months to contemplate his future as a player.

New Delhi: Matthew Hayden, the esteemed cricketer, hails Mahendra Singh Dhoni as a “magician” with the ability to transform someone else’s “trash into treasure.”

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Hayden further emphasizes that Dhoni’s exceptional contributions to the success of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) render his future with the franchise “almost irrelevant.”

Dhoni’s tactical brilliance has been instrumental in CSK’s journey to their 10th IPL final. Despite initially lacking a formidable bowling attack, Dhoni has skillfully brought out the best in his resources, showcasing his tactical prowess.

Dhoni’s astute utilization of Ajinkya Rahane and Shivam Dube in the batting lineup has garnered widespread acclaim.

Despite playing with a persistent knee injury throughout the tournament, Dhoni has allotted himself a period of 8-9 months to deliberate on his future as a player.

Nonetheless, Hayden holds the belief that the World Cup-winning captain will not be part of the next IPL, signaling a potential transition in Dhoni’s role within the cricketing realm.

“MS is truly a magician. He possesses the remarkable ability to turn someone else’s discarded talents into invaluable treasures.

As a captain, he exhibits immense skill and positivity. During our conversation, he shared something incredibly insightful that encapsulates not only his humility but also the essence of his representation in Tamil Nadu Cricket Association,” expressed Hayden during an interview with PTI.

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“The level of alignment between the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association and the Chennai Super Kings franchise is truly remarkable, and it exemplifies the meticulous process that MS Dhoni embodies,” shared Hayden during an event organized by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

“He has a systematic approach to everything he does, whether it was for the Indian team or now for the Chennai Super Kings.

Regardless of whether he plays in the next year or not, it becomes almost irrelevant because his impact goes beyond his on-field presence.

Personally, I don’t believe he will continue playing, but then again, he is MS Dhoni,” Hayden added, acknowledging Dhoni’s unparalleled influence in the world of cricket.

Matthew Hayden believes that the era of players participating in all three formats of cricket is rapidly drawing to a close.

The burgeoning popularity of T20 cricket worldwide has made it increasingly challenging for players to commit to multiple formats.

Hayden raises concerns not only about the feasibility of players juggling all formats but also about the future of the game, particularly the 50-over version.

The time of three-format players is shortly coming to an end. I would question the sustainability of these formats.

While there is still significant enthusiasm for Test cricket, evident in events like the World Test Championship, the dominance of T20 cricket is becoming more prominent,” stated Hayden.

Hayden further commented on the trend of players opting to prioritize franchise cricket over national contracts, stating that it is not fair to blame them for their choices.

He highlighted the inevitable shift towards aspiring young athletes wanting to participate in franchise cricket and the allure it holds.

Hayden pointed out that players from marginalized communities, such as cricketers from the West Indies, are increasingly exploring opportunities in other sports due to their exceptional athletic abilities.

This shift represents a significant change from the glory days of the 80s, marking a fall from the previously cherished aspects of the sport.

Take someone like Nicholas Pooran, for instance. Does he genuinely have a strong inclination towards playing Test cricket?

Even before him, Dwayne Bravo had limited exposure to Test cricket and primarily focused on franchise cricket around the world.

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Numerous examples of this nature exist. In Australia, we have players like David Warner. Will he now prioritize Test cricket or continue to devote his career to T20s?

“The allure of significant financial gains will always present a challenge. It’s an inevitable occurrence, and we should embrace it in its entirety,” Hayden added, acknowledging the immense monetary opportunities that come with franchise cricket and the decisions players face in navigating their career paths.