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BootStrapped - The Self Funded startups

Read Tales of self funded startups, follow their success stories and get your morning inspiration .

Wallet Diaries - The Investment Tales

Who invested, How much was invested, What Equity was given ? if that's your question, then this is section to look for

The Makers - The innovators

Keep the Engineer in you alive, follow the latest happening in the design world and see what they are upto

Disrupters - People Who Disrupt the Market

Update yourself of stories of people who broke the market, follow their mantra and you might end up here one day

Paparazzi - The Media Tales

Never forget the media guys, the people behind the scenes, look into their lives and studios and see what happens there

Unicorns - the big players

Who Bought who, who became a billionaire, who bought a plane, stay in touch with the happenings of the billionare's club

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