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What is TheStartupToday ?

Gaining insight into the important happenings of the startup world is tedious with long reads in different sites especially for those who have busy schedules. Lack of a single content feed for all your preferred news outlets is the reason you have to put extra time & effort going through everything. TST with it’s innovation brings you the AI based curation of good content. Sourced from over 50 mainstream and niche sources, our content cards are shortened not by us but by a highly efficient AI which also curates and optimizes the experience from the users’ perspective.

We present you the gist of whole startup word in just 5 mins, curated into 5 second cards, swipe up when done and move to the next.

In one word TheStartupToday is One Stop Destination to read Summarised News focused on the startup world, all with one click.

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What makes us unique ?

AI Curated

Content Curated, edited and managed by a homegrown AI


Unlike other Prevalent RSS Feed Readers and many other apps, TheStartupToday is not just more efficient in terms of readability but also has an AI system in place that solely focuses on sourcing, curating and compiling the content. It then shortens the content and creates reading cards for your convenience. Automated, Fast and Devoid of Human Error


Crowd Sourced

By the People, For the People and Of the People

We are proud to bring you the first crowd sourced content discovery platform along with AI curated content, where you can submit your choice of content source and we will add it to our recommendation engine, alternatively you can write for us as well and use the space to showcase your content.


No Advertisement

No pop ups or shining banners on your screen that may annoy you!

Mostly, all of us hate advertisements when they pop up on our face while we are reading. We bring you a clean & an actual Ad free experience. Expect no pop ups, sponsored cards or anything that may distract you from your reading experience.


What all do we cover ?

BootStrapped Startup - News about Self Funded Startups

Read stories & news about self funded startups, follow their failure & success stories and get inspired.

Wallet Diaries - Funding updates & stories

Investors, Investment numbers, Equities. This section is dedicated to everything important to know about startup funding in the ecosystem

The Makers - The innovators

Keep the Engineer in you alive, follow the latest happening in the development & design world and see the creators, makers, innovators and entrepreneurs are upto.

Disrupters - Market Disruptions and Behaviors

Stay on top of the updates on different market sectors & sub-sectors to make wiser business decisions.

Paparazzi - The Media Tales

Follow the media stakeholders of the startup ecosystem, the people behind the scenes, look into their lives and studios and track the latest happenings

Unicorns - Unicorns, Soonicorns and more

Latest M&A updates, founder wealth updates, stay on top of the happenings of the Billion Dollar Startup Club

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