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Online Cricket Betting in India has been easily accessible to everyone with any electrical devices for the last couple of years. However, an access is not enough to win real money consistently.

There are lots of misconceptions, doubts and misrepresentations regarding cricket betting in particular for people in India.

It’s important to gather some sufficient knowledge and information about cricket betting and have some experience in order to master the game.

7Cric, a leading online cricket betting partner in India, offers and provides cricket betting resources and tools for cricket betting enthusiasts. We are going to explain more about it in this article.

Before you start your cricket betting journey, you need to understand some basics about online cricket betting:

What is Online Cricket Betting?

For those who are not familiar with online cricket betting, we are going to explain to you the definition of it with simpler words so you can understand the game better.

Get to know all about betting

Betting is a process of speculating or forecasting on the outcome of an event by placing a wager on it.

About Cricket Betting

If someone is placing a wager on the outcome of a cricket match then it is called Cricket betting.

Now, let’s sum up what is actually the definition of online cricket betting.

Online Cricket betting is an online sport game that places a wager on the outcome of a cricket match. This game is widely known in many countries like India, Pakistan, Australia and more.

Online Cricket betting allows bettors to bet on different kinds of matches like the match winner, the highest run scorer in a match, the highest wicket-taker in a match and so on.

These various matches enable bettors to choose which one they are more comfortable with to bet on.

That being said, such flexibility and various types of cricket matches can only be provided by the best online cricket betting sites in the market, one of them is 7Cric.

Online Cricket Betting in India has been growing exponentially due to some advancement in technology and many people are aware of the positive and profitable aspects of that game.

To be a successful bettor, you need to have some relevant information and knowledge about the game so you can make better and informed decisions to increase your chances of winning.

7Cric provides various tools and resources to help you reach your goal and make you win big time in the game.

Online Cricket Betting in India through the Eyes of People

As popularly-known, India is a nation that holds dreams and developments to a high degree and constantly tries to improve their way of living to be better each day.

Cricket matches are one of the most popular activities that tie the Indian people together despite their many differences in social and cultural aspects.

It has been proven that the growing popularity of cricket matches helps India grow in economy, fraternity, and unity as one nation.

What makes Online Cricket Betting apps and sites popular in India?

For your understanding, there are three factors that regulate, accelerate, and determine the growth of this growing business in India. We need to take a look at those deciding points. They are as follows:


The first and most important factor that influences whether the business is going to be expanding or not is the People. Without this component there would be no streams of money going on.

People are always first when it comes to business of any kind. Fortunately, people of India have been familiar with the game and love it to an extent of willing to put some things aside in order to keep up with the game. Cricket betting is well-received and popular in India. That’s a good sign!


As explained in the previous point, cricket matches are among the most popular activities that Indian people love to engage in.

This game has been part of their day to day life. It’s safe to say that other than job and family, cricket matches are their next priority.


This point explains for itself as cricket matches have been very popular in the country for many decades. Its popularity has been so great that people from other countries are aware of and interested in participating in the game!


Cricket matches are greatly celebrated and deeply rooted in Indian culture. The enthusiasm of people for the game makes this industry thrive and lucrative for making profits despite what the current economy is.

  • All the Cricket Betting apps in India flourish due to people’s loyalty and support of the game.
  • All the Cricket Betting sites in India prosper due to people’s enthusiasm and passion for the game.

Based on online data: 85% of the sports economy is generated by Cricket in India. Among all the sports combined, Cricket matches top the list as a priority choice for the people of India. Similar to that, among all the available sports betting options, cricket betting leads the chart.


Based on a research report released in October 2021, in India, 340 million people bet during the IPL and other key matches. Among these people, 140 million Indians bet regularly online.

The growth of online cricket betting is expected to increase even bigger in the next couple of years.

How to start online cricket betting?

To make your betting experience easier, we are going to explain to you about 5-step guides that will help you make better choices and decisions regarding online cricket betting. Here they are:

Step 1: Choose the safest and most reliable online cricket betting platform.

Due to its popularity and lucrative aspect of the game from the business perspective, finding the most suitable and trusted cricket betting site is getting tougher these days.

Lots of choices for cricket betting sites make bettors confused and often anxious. It’s almost impossible to find the safest site that will protect bettors from any online harm. No worries, we have listed a link below to find the right online betting guides that help you make a wise decision.

Step 2: Get the best cricket betting tips to equip yourself.

To master a game, you need to take some time to learn and gather as much information as you can in order to avoid any unnecessary mistakes. It is a constant practice and it’s always good to equip yourself with the best betting tips before placing any money on it. You can check out the 7Cric cricket betting tips.

Step 3: Make a deposit of your choice.

Depositing the amount of money to bet on is completely subjective and personal. It all depends on how much money you can afford to play and lose. You can increase your deposit gradually as you understand online cricket betting even better.

If you are new in the world of online cricket betting, it’s important to check the minimum amount on the particular site that you choose to play at and start with it.

Step 4: Bet on any cricket matches, speculating on the outcome.

Cricket betting is not only known for a particular match-winner prediction but also many other different matches that you can pick based on your understanding of it. The option is varied and you can bet on other types of cricket betting in India. To make it easier for you, we are listing some of the top betting types in the market.


In a pre-match betting, bettors can choose a team to bet on and make a prediction of it. If your choice is right, you get the rewards. If not, you will lose. But, it’s not the end!

You can be more prepared and ready for the next match by going through Predictions, for better betting results.


This is one of the most-preferred betting types among bettors. You get a chance to bet on the difference between the total runs: Team X’s total runs and Team Y’s total runs.


In this type of cricket betting, you have an opportunity to bet on the collective total runs scored in a particular match by both teams involved.

To win this kind of betting, bettors need to know the Pitch Report, past performances of the teams involved and the consistency of key players. You can get more detailed and comprehensive information here.

Step 5: Withdraw your rewards anytime.

Withdrawal is the most rewarding part of any betting process. This is the time to harvest the fruit of your betting journey if you are winning the game. To see some additional money in your account encourages you to play even better.

Best online cricket betting apps in India usually enable bettors to withdraw their money anytime they want.

This is also one of the most important things to consider when it comes to choosing online cricket betting apps.

One of the best online cricket betting sites in India that provides such service is 7Cric. You can check it out here.

How to find the best online cricket betting site?

In today’s world, having a smartphone has become a necessity to support our daily tasks. Everything has been on the touch of our fingers which leads us to various opportunities including making investments and also enjoying entertainment.

According to data from Statista Telecommunications report, 54% is the penetration rate of smartphones in India.

This number also shows us how online cricket betting is also growing significantly. This is the reason why choosing the best online cricket betting site is getting difficult each day.

One thing you need to do is to visit the best cricket betting site:

At 7Cric, we do the heavy lifting for you in the cricket betting game from analyzing, appraising, and also assessing top betting sites for cricket in India in order to help you make the best decision possible to choose the best from the best.

Cricket is part of our life and we grow with playing it. We love to see the lively growth of cricket betting communities in the country and all over the world.

That being said, we, at 7Cric, are going to explain to you some points to consider when it comes to choosing the best cricket betting site in the market.

Simple registration process.

This is the first step into the world of cricket betting. If you are stuck here, it probably affects your entire betting experience. So, you need to look for betting sites with the simplest form of registration and login procedures.

Clear navigation.

The next important step after registration is navigation. The betting site should have a wide menu category to choose from and narrow enough to not get confused. In addition to that, the betting site should be responsive and fast working.

Payment in Indian Rupees.

This is another important aspect to look for in cricket betting sites. The site must allow INR because the conversion parameter is not for everyone. People easily get confused in such things and they can despair in no time.

That is why you should choose cricket betting in India that is dealt with INR and avoid sites which don’t allow INR payment options through GPay, PhonePe or other popular Indian channels for payment.

Available more types of betting options.

It is necessary to have more options to bet on in the game of cricket betting. Instead of just a few major options, if you have a variety of betting types, it is better.

There are two widely-accepted types of cricket betting matches:

1. Pre-match betting

In this betting type, you can place your bets before a particular match starts. You can change your betting choices, once the window is closed.

2. In-match betting

Different from the previous type, in-match betting, you can place your bets during the match. Best cricket betting sites usually provide live streaming in the cricket live score section, to help you make better decisions. Live streaming of the scores will be available on 7Cric.

Safe and secure site.

Safety and security ensures and invites trust. The platform is not only a place where you can play games and place bets but also a place where you make financial transactions from placing your bets, withdrawing your profits, and so on.

Your personal information is there for people to misuse if you are not careful about it because they have some certain access to your device, even though it is limited. So, safety and security must be one of the most deciding factors for you.

Where to get the best online cricket betting tips?

Frankly speaking, there is no such a thing like standard rules for winning all your bets. It takes time to be a successful bettor as you need experience, a wide range of insights, updates, data, and etc.

For quicker bets and faster profits: Visit our dedicated 7Cric Online Cricket Betting Prediction section.

At 7Cric, You will get lots of benefits for your cricket betting experience from a regular prediction report, pre-match analysis and post-match analysis and so on.

For major tournaments and leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL), you can refer to the 7Cric Expert Analysis section to help you.

You need to keep yourself updated about current resources of cricket betting. Understanding cricket in terms of rules and policy is also necessary.

Knowing the fixtures, timings and schedules is mandatory. Without knowing the basics of who-plays-against-who, it is quite challenging for you to win the game.

To get the awareness of match situations, see our exclusive 7Cric Live Score section

Commonly, live scores are very important for in-match betting types. Bettors need to know and keep up with the scores that their chosen team makes.

If bettors have a good understanding of a player or a team, they can predict the future outcome. This can also help them to prepare their next strategy to minimize any mistakes.

Cricket is a game of coordination, resilience, endurance, and teamwork. Understanding a team’s strength and weakness is also a key to winning big in cricket betting matches.

Don’t choose a team or a player because you like them in a personal stance but rather choose them based on their ability to win and track record of winning.

To learn about individual team performances: Visit our Cricket Teams section.

At 7Cric, we offer more in-depth analysis of cricket betting performance from international, national, and even regional teams all over the world including their strengths and weaknesses.

In order to recognize one team’s consistency, you need to understand and know their performance records over time. That will help you make wise decisions and prevent any losses.

To obtain knowledge of past performance (against others & against a particular opponent): Visit our innovative Head-to-head section.

This must be your go-to page for all the historical data analysis. We provide a user-friendly and useful section to navigate.

Top 5 reasons to choose Online Cricket Betting Mobile Apps

Easy installation

For most of the leading online cricket betting apps in the market, installation is easy and quick. They usually offer Android and iOS versions that you can download separately.

Control over profit withdrawal & capital deposit

One of the best things about online cricket betting mobile apps is that you will be more in control over your transactions from the perspective of time and effectiveness. Lots of betting mobile apps offer 24×7 service for withdrawals and deposits.

Simplest to navigate

Like explained earlier in the article, the navigation must be easy for people to use, so 7Cric has an imperative interface to fulfill that.

Navigation determines the quality of betting experiences and apps make cricket betting experience much smoother and simpler.

Utilize all the betting options

The best cricket betting apps in India usually present all betting options. You can do AB testing and choose the one that suits you best.

Read our latest cricket betting odds to have better decision on your online cricket betting.

Today’s Cricket Betting Odds

Mon, 2 October 2023 - 00:40 - Today's Cricket Matches & Betting Odds
T20 Asian Games
17.5 Thailand
1.025 Malaysia
Bet On this Match
Madhya Pradesh
Chhattisgarh T20 Cup
1.8 Andhra
2 Madhya Pradesh
Bet On this Match
ACA Quadrangular T20 League
1.69 Hyderabad
2.01 Andhra
Bet On this Match
United Arab Emirates Women
Namibia Women
Twenty20 Internationals Women
2.12 United Arab Emirates Women
1.72 Namibia Women
Bet On this Match
T20 WC Asia Qualifiers
1.615 Kuwait
2.4 Qatar
Bet On this Match
Tamil Nadu
ACA Quadrangular T20 League
1.53 Tamil Nadu
2.29 Railways
Bet On this Match
Australia Women
West Indies Women
Twenty20 Internationals
1.03 Australia Women
15 West Indies Women
Bet On this Match
T20 World Cup Warm-up Matches 2023
1.16 England
4.8 Bangladesh
Bet On this Match

Seek faster customer support

Customer support is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to choosing online cricket betting apps.

Make sure that you choose an online cricket betting mobile app that provides a 24×7 chat option for you which responds immediately.

How to find the best online cricket betting apps?

In order to make sure that you are choosing the right online cricket betting apps, you need to check their website. This is the first and general rule you need to follow. Does the website resemble the app? Or vice versa.

Any features that apps have should be found in the website as well, including the design. Features that you find in the apps are a version of more accessible formats of the website.

It doesn’t have to be completely the carbon copy version but at least you see the resemblance. If so, then you are probably visiting the right online cricket betting apps.

Usability and easy navigation are among the most important factors in an app built for cricket betting. Based on our research and analysis, we recommend you the best online cricket betting app in India.

7 Reasons Why 7Cric is the Best Online Cricket Betting Partner in India

There are lots of various unorganized resources available on the internet when it comes to cricket betting. Exploring through each site to become an online cricket betting expert is tedious and boring.

As cricket fans for a long time, we strive to deliver and provide any useful resources and information to help your betting experience be enjoyable.

We are excited to provide one comprehensive site for all your betting needs. At 7Cric, your queries, doubts and inhibitions will be addressed, answered and ameliorated. Let’s make betting better together.

Reason 1: 7Cric News Section offers exclusive latest and trending news of all cricket related events.

7Cric is open and available for all from T20 world cups, other ICC tournaments, and also available for all regional leagues as well (such as the IPL and Big Bash).

Reason 2: 7Cric Live Scores section comes along with Betting Odds.

A live scores section combined with respective betting odds makes this site complete. To take your pre-match betting decisions, it will come in handy.

Reason 3: 7Cric IPL Page provides everything you need for betting on the IPL in India.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most prestigious and most-watched cricket tournament in the world, particularly in India. On this dedicated IPL page, you can get all the macro and micro details that you don’t want to miss.

Reason 4: 7Cric Players & Teams section gives you an overall performance summary of all the teams and players.

Player-wise and team-wise analysis are prerequisites for any type of cricket betting. We offer this section just for you!

Reason 5: 7Cric Stats & Records is a must-visit page for analyzing the historical data of a particular team.

It’s difficult to figure out the best players without knowing and understanding the statistics and records of a team. Consistency guides and helps you choose the right player to bet on.

Reason 6: 7Cric Guides is a complete walk-through of online cricket betting tips and strategies.

This Guides section will be your learning ground and helping mate. It deals with all the how-to and what-is parts of cricket betting.

Reason 7: 7Cric is free.

We provide betting resources to help you research and learn for free. Forever. We also share updates on available offers, bonuses, promotions, deposit bonuses and so on.

Your next step to Online Cricket Betting

To sum this up, you have everything you need to kick off your journey of Online Cricket betting in India.

It’s just the beginning of a wonderful and profitable betting journey. Let’s learn, explore and empower cricket betting together.

7Cric is India’s most reliable and relevant cricket betting resource with regular updates and constant releases. We always keep you updated with relevant tools and informative news.

All the blogs are generated based on real-time match situations. It will change the way you bet on cricket. So, stay connected and stay informed with 7Cric.

We recommend that you also subscribe to our 7Cric monthly newsletters for upcoming news and promotions.

We also release an exclusive newsletter with what needs to be noted, what options you can bet on and what teams you can depend on for every tournament, every series, and every major match.