Live Cricket Scores with Match Stats and Scorecard

Live Cricket Score with Match Stats and Scorecard – The way Indians follow cricket news has evolved from old generation to newer generation, from a radio commentary in the 1980s to live commentary in the 2020s. It’s all possible because of the era of technology we live in. 

To be successful in a cricket betting game, live score is very important to follow. The existence of cricket live scores helps cricket fans keep updated in the game.

7Cric has a dedicated page just to put live cricket matches on display for fans to watch and observe. On this page, fans can gather information and knowledge they need in order to make wise decisions on the cricket betting matches.

Live cricket scores are presented by 7Cric for all matches including regional cricket matches, national tournaments, and also international cricket matches. No matter how busy you are, you can always keep up with live cricket scores on 7Cric for free.

What is Live Cricket Score? Understanding the Cricket Live Score

Like any other betting sports, scores are pretty much a deciding factor for the bettors in order to win the game.

For those of you who are not familiar with some terms, “scores” and “runs” in cricket betting matches have the same definition and can be used interchangeably. 

To win the game, a team must pass a certain number of scores that an opposing team has set up.

This applies to all formats of cricket betting games like T20, Test, and ODI. If the runs scored by teams have been projected, updated, followed, monitored, and also seen throughout a cricket betting match then it is called “Live Scores in Cricket”.

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How scores define a win in cricket betting within live cricket score?

A cricket match is a game that is played by two cricket teams. Each team consists of 11 players respectively that will play against each other.

In this sport, one team bats first and sets a target where the other team chases the target.

However, there is a tricky part in the game where each team can only use 10 wickets.

That being said, wickets and players mean the same in this context so the eleventh player cannot play alone by himself. This is why scores are very important in cricket matches.  

3 Facts about the significance of Scores in Cricket

As explained previously, scores decide who is the winner in cricket matches. A team with more runs or scores at the end of the game is becoming the winner.

For instance, in the type of T20 game to win cricket matches, scores should be 20 overs (120 balls). For the ODI, it’s 50 overs (300 balls). For the Test, it’s 5 days (90 overs per day on an average number). 

You may find these games a little bit complicated to understand especially Test Cricket but don’t worry about it because we are going to explain more clearly to you.

You can read our latest blog on “Test Cricket – Complete Guide” to get more information. As for now, let’s focus on three facts about cricket scores in cricket betting matches. 

1. Scores in Cricket are equivalent to Goals in Football

Cricket matches are a game of runs and scores. Either you score or restrict your opposing team, it’s all about the runs eventually.

The winner of cricket matches is decided based on the runs.

2. Cricket Live Scores are correlated with the wickets in hand

To win big, a team must get all the runs without losing 10 wickets as soon as possible. If a team loses the tenth wicket, their batting innings or session is immediately over.

The game is all about keeping the all 10 wickets and scoring the runs then you certainly win if you can do that. 

In cricket betting matches, some teams start slowly without giving away any wickets and accelerate to the maximum in the last 4 overs.

In T20 games particularly, there are teams that only concentrate on scoring maximum runs in the first 6 overs even if they lose one or two wickets but in the middle overs, they are going to sustain their wickets in order to start accelerating their gameplay in the end of the game.

In Live cricket score, the stats of wickets will be included.

3. Only to get the score up, a team works together

Cricket matches are a game of teamwork. Nobody can win the game by himself alone. In the end, the whole team players work together to put runs on board during their batting sessions. 

Why Cricket Live scores are important?

The beauty of having a Cricket Live Scores page on 7Cric is that you can understand the entire cricket match situation even if you cannot watch it. You just go to visit the page for the needed information and performances.

How important cricket live scores are for cricket betting?

Like explained before, knowing the live score of cricket betting matches is essential and key.

How are you going to predict results and decide where to place your wager on if you don’t know the cricket match situation.

Recognizing how important the live scores are, 7Cric provides a dedicated page to help bettors to predict match results with live scores. You can check them out here.

The live scores show you the direction a match takes

If you understand how the game works, all you need to do is to simply analyze the live score sheet to guess cricket match results.

There are certainly matches with last-over thrills and in normal conditions this is highly possible.

In order to make your cricket betting experience fun and profitable, you need to keep up with live score matches because it is greatly required and utilized in today’s cricket betting.

Cricket Live scores will reveal which team has a better chance of winning the game

Cricket matches are a simple game to decide who is the winner. You just need to look at the wickets in hand, the required run rate and a team’s potential ability.

It’s plain and simple to figure that out. But, anything is possible on the field so you need to keep your eyes on the cricket matches.

A live score of a cricket match will also help in understanding a team’s potential

Don’t underestimate an underdog team. Sometimes, the least expected team is the one who wins the game. That’s common in the game of cricket matches because the game itself is a dynamic game.

One team can outperform the other especially when they are often faced against one another, they take time to learn their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t use personal favor in choosing your team player but rather have your own strategy and observation to make your final decisions. 

What to expect in a Cricket Live Score section?

A user-friendly and easy-to-navigate section is a must to put cricket live scores on display.

Bettors need to have access to an updated scorecard, player-wise score sheet, team-wise scorecard, bowler-related match statistics, venue details, date and time, prediction meter, betting odds if there is any, and toss details. 

Those details are essential for bettors to figure out which team they are going to bet on. We are going to elaborate these details and explain why the Live Score section is important. 


Bettors need to always have a current cricket live score that has been updated as often as possible. It should provide the real-time and actual scores so they can follow the cricket matches with ease.

Player-wise score sheet

One thing you can tell about whether a cricket betting site is good or bad by looking at their cricket live score section.

The best cricket live score section must display a player-wise score sheet. This is crucial because this section helps bettors understand individual performance of a team and make their decision on that team easily. 

Team-wise cricket live score sheet

Team-wise cricket live score sheet is needed to present the overall team’s performance. This is usually displayed in a complete cricket live scores section. You can find everything related to that topic thoroughly on 7Cric. 

Bowler stats

Usually, each live score section has their own separate entry for both bowlers and wickets. The best cricket betting sites always have a live core section that is available on the internet even for information of bowling average.

Venue details, date and time

Another important information that is required to be displayed on a live cricket score section is date, time, and venue.

How can you place your wager if you don’t know exactly if there is a cricket betting match being played or not?

It also applies to the venue of the match because knowing venue details will help bettors unravel the nature of a particular pitch as well. 

Prediction & Preview

A pre-match analysis is greatly required to get an in-depth understanding of a cricket match. This is for each match no matter which type you are choosing to bet on such as regional, national, or international cricket matches. 

Usually through analysis, bettors will make their own prediction and preview for the outcome of the game they are placing a bet on.

Betting Odds

Betting odds are one of the most important keys if not the only one for online cricket betting. Usually, this can also be a part of a score section of a live cricket match. We also provide betting odds on their own live scoreboard on 7Cric.  

Toss Details

In a cricket betting match, who bats-first is decided by a coin toss. Frequently, the toss winner may choose to bowl first in the game. It is suggested to find a live scoreboard with this detail to help you learn more about it. 

Why 7Cric is the best Cricket Live Score provider?

You may often hear about 7Cric online. We are glad that 7Cric has become one of the best and leading cricket live score sites in India.

The popularity of 7Cric has increased significantly due to its wonderful features, easy usability and navigation, and real-time presentation of live scores in cricket matches. That is why 7Cric is where bettors are going when it comes to getting live scores information.  

Up-to-date Scorecard

You don’t have to worry about missing out on 7Cric because the scorecard is updated every second. We are so passionate about keeping up with news and information related to cricket matches all over the world. 

To keep you updated, we provide you with T20 world cup 2022 live scores that are so viral and trending on the internet.

In addition to that, we also provide a live score section for all the T20 World Cup matches.

Don’t be surprised if you search for “live score match today” you are going to end up on 7Cric. That’s how popular 7Cric has become.

Full scoreboard

As one of the leading cricket live score sites in India, 7Cric strives to always provide as much information as it can to answer bettors’ questions and worries.

You will find helpful and useful information on 7Cric about cricket betting games. In addition to that, T20 World Cup live score is also available as well as the current Cricket Live Score on 7Cric.

Predictions & Preview

You can find complete and comprehensive information related to cricket betting matches on 7Cric including predictions and previews.

A shorter version of cricket betting prediction is displayed on the live scores section and a more detailed prediction report is displayed on the “Predictions” section of the website.

Betting Odds

To understand betting odds and gather more knowledge, 7Cric goes through all online cricket betting sites. It’s well-known among cricket betting fans that they can predict a cricket match result just by observing cricket betting odds

Even it has never been proven with concrete and real data to support that argument but fans still find betting odds important to help them make informed decisions. We only advise you to only go through analysis and prediction of cricket matches from experts in the game.    


Live cricket scores are key in the game so you need to find the best live score site in India to keep you informed and updated with real and legit information.

This also helps you win the game of cricket matches in a short period of time.

These following parameters should be observed to help you master the game.

They are complete scorecard, player-wise score sheet, team-wise score sheet, match facts, betting odds, and win predictor. That’s all! Stay connected and updated on 7Cric.