How to Predict the Total Score in Cricket

How to Predict the Total Score in Cricket

How to Predict the Total Score in Cricket – Match result is known as the simplest form of cricket predictions where the toughest is the total score prediction.

No worries, the available tools, tips, and guides that 7Cric offers make everything easier. To answer the question “How to predict the total score in cricket?” is no longer difficult.

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We provide a Cricket Prediction series on 7Cric that will help you unravel the myths related to cricket score predictions, misconceptions regarding final score prediction and methods to excel in today’s total score prediction.

How to Predict the Total Score in Cricket

There are lots of various tools to predict the total score in cricket betting matches on the internet today.

From coding, to excel sheets, and to formulas; they are abundant but the more they are presented out there the more confusing it gets for readers. It’s a little bit overwhelming at times.

On 7Cric, we have our final score prediction tips for all types of cricket betting matches including regional, national, and international.

In order to predict the total score in cricket betting matches, we make a lot of effort to provide concrete methods and ways for our readers.

We are confident that anyone with some basic understanding of cricket matches can excel in final score prediction because it’s no longer rocket science.

There are tools available for you to reach this point of understanding.

Tips to predict the total score in Cricket

We strongly recommend core factors that help determine the total score in an innings in the cricket betting matches. In this section, we are going to explain to you each factor in more depth separately for better understanding. 

  • Run Rate (But it’s not the only factor)
  • Number of wickets left
  • Number of balls left
  • Last five-over capability
  • Last five-match performance
  • Bowling & Pitch conditions
  • Home advantage (Y/N)
  • Analyze the betting odds

Cricket Total Score Prediction with Run Rate

All cricket score predictors mostly use run rate as their key parameters. However, there are cons more than pros in this regard if you go just by the current run rate.

For your information, projected scores are just the multiplication of the current run rate.

  • Current run rate = the total number of runs divided by the total number of overs
  • Projected scores = the current run rate multiplied by the number of overs left

Usually, they don’t project the potential of a team and also the actual final score will not be the projected scores.

There should be some difference between these two scores. There will always be some gap between reality in the field and projection made. Actual score and projected score are often different.

Why you should not follow Run Rate for total score prediction?

Let’s exemplify: Assume that India and Pakistan are playing an ODI match. It’s happening at Trent Bridge stadium in the UK. Pakistan has two great spin bowlers in their squad. The toss is won by India. They bat first.  

In the first 5 overs, Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul scored 50 runs. So, the run rate is (50 divided by 5) 10. As per the run rate, the projected score for Team India is 500.

In the same instance, in the 6th over, both the openers lost their wickets to a spinner. Still, the team managed to score 10 runs in the 6th over.

Now comes the tricky part. The projected score is still 500. Can India get 500 runs?

Here we have to note that Trent Bridge is known as a ‘heaven for spinners’. From Warne to Kumble, they thrived at this venue.

Pakistan spinners are flourishing. Indian No3. And No4. Batsmen are struggling.

The projected final score fails in this instance. Hence, the total score in cricket betting matches doesn’t rely only on the run rate.

What You Need for Cricket Score Prediction

The total score in cricket betting matches is commonly an accumulation of data, insights, and analysis that predictors make. People that are involved in the cricket betting business from coaches to the management usually take notes and list down historical scores and projected scores. 

That’s what actually their job is to do cricket score prediction. You may notice during a cricket match, some people from both teams will record scores. They also share their insights with their respective cricket teams which is the best score to target, the best score to defend, and the expected final score to reach. 

Based on that reality, the whole team of both sides have an agenda and target to stick to and reach.

In this part, we are going to elaborate some cricket secrets to help you predict the final score in the cricket betting matches.

This is going to be really insightful and also helpful for today’s match score prediction and future score prediction as well. 

Number of wickets left used for cricket score prediction

From the perspective of a batting team, one team can experiment and go for big shots if they have wickets in hand.

The most common strategy in the cricket betting matches is by taking some risks with wickets in hand.

That being said, you need to look for the remaining wickets in order to predict the correct scores in an innings. However, tail-enders should not be included.

Number of balls left is crucial in final score prediction

No matter how good the number of players that a team has, we need to look at the number of remaining overs. 

For instance, even if a team scores 36 runs in an over with just 2 overs in hand, the team cannot get 100 runs. In this case, we are ignoring the possibility of extras here. 

On 7Cric, we strive to help our readers as much as we can by providing Live Scores for all major cricket betting matches. You can also get real time data and number of remaining wickets during the game on our site.

Last five-over capability

In T20 cricket betting matches particularly, there are some teams with a proven and factual track record of scoring the maximum run in the last 5 overs. 

Players tend to step up and try for big shots in that situation. Usually, rotating the strike is not the best option to be advised for any cricket betting team with only 8 wickets in hand in the last 5 overs. You need to know what they want to do in that particular circumstance.  

Last five-match performance

It’s advised to go through the previous match performances in order to understand the form of a cricket team. This helps you learn more directly without wasting so much time or money. 

On 7Cric, we have a separate section on Previous Match History to make your research easier and more efficient. This will help you greatly to generate new insights faster than you can imagine. 

Bowling & Pitch conditions are required for total score prediction

Don’t underestimate pitch conditions in the game of cricket matches. Venue and bowling capabilities of the opponent mostly determine the final scores. This information is something that most people neglect or even ignore. 

There are pitches that are well-suited for spin and pace bowling. There are also flat tracks that support the batsmen. And there are venues with a huge dew factor. 

It is why it’s important to be cautious and aware of pitch conditions which usually help bettors make total score prediction more accurately. 

Home advantage (Y/N)

Even this is a minor parameter but for regional leagues and tournaments it’s very valuable.

Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians have the best records on their home ground. The crowd support, the familiarity and the home feel definitely add more vigor to their performance. Today, match predictions have changed, yet home advantage can’t be ignored.

Wrapping Up

As explained previously, cricket prediction regarding total score prediction in cricket betting matches is so much easier to produce with data and historical performance.

On 7Cric, we cover all factors that make better cricket score predictors from run rate to home advantage.  

In addition to that, you can also go through our cricket score predictor tools that can function as cricket betting tips as well. To maximize your chances in winning this game, you need to follow our matches or teams regularly. Keep in mind that on 7Cric, we also present Live Scores, Predictions, and cricket statistics for all cricket leagues that include Big Bash, World Cup, and the IPL. Let’s make cricket betting match prediction fun with 7Cric!


How is the current run rate calculated in cricket betting matches?

You need two things in order to calculate the run rate of any cricket matches. They are the total overs completed so far and the total runs scored so far. All you need is to divide the total runs by the total overs completed so far then you get the number of current run rate for that cricket match. 

Is there any match prediction tool on 7Cric other than the tips?

Absolutely yes! You can get everything about cricket betting matches on 7Cric including cricket head-to-head statistics, predictions, expert analysis, live scores, and so on.  

Can I use these cricket score prediction tips for cricket betting?

You certainly can. It is even more useful for cricket betting matches.

Aren’t the player-wise stats important for predicting the scores?

This is important as well. However, we cannot predict whether a particular batsman will face a particular bowler in that match (or during the remaining overs). In ODIs and Test, we can. It is very crucial to know player-wise statistics.

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What else do we need for complete match prediction?

You need to go through pre-match and post-match analysis to help you with that. The playing 11, historical data and individual players’ current form are also essential.