The firm, which has $10 million in assets under management, will invest in three of Minneapolis’ biggest strengths: agriculture and food, health care and enterprise software. The firm is also interested in the “messy middle” of supply chain and logistics around food, said Bohl and is interested in a mix of software, hardware and biosciences. Within health care, the firm evaluates solutions focused on prevention versus treatment, female health startups working on maternal health and fertility and software focused on the aging population and millennials.
Today Contrary Capital is publicly launching its next big bet: Contrary Talent, a new arm within the fund that will invest and support early-career folks and students to grow their tech ambitions. Contrary Talent will source the top engineers, designers and managers at top tech companies and pair them with top operators in tech for mentorship and job consultancy. “Because of the long-term nature of the program and that we want to support Talent members regardless of whether or not they’re starting companies right now, we’ll be investing in Talent member-started companies across many funds,” Tarczynski said.
There are more VC firms that have invested in Black founders than there are Black founders who have raised money from VCs. TechCrunch spoke with James Norman, CEO of, a partner at the Transparent Collective and a contributor to the dataset, who told TechCrunch that he was initially “overwhelmed by the sheer number of investments made from 570 different firms,” but that “after one look, roughly 75% of the names had one black founder investment.” Even more, Norman told TechCrunch that after reviewing the data he “realized most of the firms on this list are likely follow-ons piling into single rounds of funding.” That most VC firms on the list of groups that put capital into a single Black-founded startup “highlights the lack of capital deployed to black founded startups in general” he continued. Sefanit Tades, another contributor to the Black founder and VC lists, told TechCrunch that response to the databases has been “overwhelmingly positive, with a number of
Seattle’s Madrona Venture Group is leading a $27 million investment in Fauna, a company founded by two former Twitter engineers that is positioning itself as a leader in databases for a new generation of applications. In an interview this week, Somasegar said he views the company’s flagship FaunaDB as unique in its approach, providing a cloud-native database that can be accessed on-demand by an emerging generation of serverless applications that are powered by managed services rather than their own dedicated servers. Madrona Venture Group’s S. Somasegar and new Fauna Chairman Bob Muglia previously worked together as Microsoft executives.
While on the one hand, the world has programmes such as Y Combinator which have gained huge pedigree, there are also models that focus on identifying ideas and startups that complement the bigger vision of a brand — largely corporate accelerators such as Microsoft for Startups, Google Accelerator, Cisco LaunchPad, JioGenNext accelerator programme, Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator, Amazon Launchpad etc. Startups In The Post-Covid World Along with Paul Ravindranath G, program manager, Google for Startups Accelerator India, Kizilbash explained that Google is revamping its accelerator programme to fit into Covid-19 world and helping its startups at the same time. Talking about the ecosystem approach and holistic growth for the startup industry, Kiziblash added, “I’ve seen that across the board across all the ecosystem players that everybody’s really stepping up and they’re embracing the virtual format, which has differences in pros and cons from physical interactions, but nobody
Bluedot, a geofencing and location data startup used by companies like Dunkin’, KFC and McDonald’s, is announcing that it has raised $9.1 million in Series B funding. “The focus is on valuable, contactless experiences that prioritize the consumer’s needs.” The company is extending its capabilities with the launch of a new product called Tempo, which is supposed to incorporate data like traffic patterns — and even the time it takes to get in and out of a car — to deliver real-time alerts when a customer is approaching. “It’s easy to make claims about being ‘privacy friendly.’ The real challenge is to live and breathe it, to make it central to your business.” Bluedot says its footprint — as measured by unique monthly users — has increased 2,471% over the past year, and that it’s now powering more than 121 million location events each month.
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About a million Indian TikTok users depend on the platform to make money, according to influencer marketing platform Zefmo Media, and for these users — often called influencers — the ban comes after major revenue upheaval from the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. Bolo Indya, which is billed as another Indian alternative to TikTok, noted that it has over 50 influencers on the platform with over 3 lakh followers. However, millions of creators love TikTok due to the platform’s ability to establish a more direct connection with the user and influencers will be greatly impacted by the ban.
The Delhi high court, on Wednesday, issued notices to ecommerce companies Amazon and Flipkart on a plea seeking to display the names of the manufacturing countries for products on their websites. The notice was issued by the bench comprising Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice Prateek Jalan to the e-commerce companies and the centre, in response to a petition filed by advocate Amit Shukla, seeking ecommerce companies to comply with the Legal Metrology Act 2009, which mandated the display of ‘country of origin’ on products retailed online. The plea urged that it was essential for ecommerce companies to display the ‘country of origin’ of products listed on their ecommerce websites, as “large numbers of Indians intend to comply with the government’s appeal to promote and buy Indian goods in order to strengthen the nation.” The move is likely to add further impetus to Prime Minister Modi’s ‘Vocal for Local’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiatives, in the wake of growin
Geter said he sees Heavy Sound — which is part of startup studio Science Inc. — as an extension of the work he’s been doing for decades: Before co-founding Grand Hustle with T.I., Geter signed on as the rapper’s manager back when T.I. As a result, he suggested that finding the next up-and-coming artist no longer means focusing on a geographic scene: “I wanted to be able to put myself out there in a way that someone in Memphis, Houston, Kentucky, Seattle — they really truly are disconnected from the music industry, but they can come to and it’s available for everyone [to apply] without any gatekeepers.” Heavy Sound Labs has an open application process on its website, and it’s already signed artists including AllStarrDaGreat (ADG), 47 Gino and Ralph Weah. As for how Heavy Sound became part of Science, Geter said he met the startup studio’s co-founder Peter Pham at South by Southwest last year, who quickly suggested that Geter meet with Science co-found