On the other hand, Jio in partnership with Samsung built what it calls the world’s largest 4G LTE network, which supports over 340 Mn subscribers, as of August 2019. Samsung claimed that its LTE networks are well positioned to be transitioned towards a 5G era with telecom partners such as Jio, in a recent report. Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company Ericsson had estimated that 5G enabled digitalisation revenue potential in India will be above $27 Bn by 2026.
Supported by annual partners NetApp, HSBC, Times Internet, Paytm and AWS, Founders Meetup’s 10th edition is coming soon on November 7 in Delhi. Graduating from the University of Lucknow and earning an MBA from National Institute of Integrated Learning and Management (NIILM), Agrawal has been a vital part of the core team at IndiaMART for many years, and boasts of being the brain behind a number of innovative products at the firm, which have taken it to the much-vaunted IPO status. As usual, the event has a lot to offer—an evening to unwind, relax and network over food and drinks, and an opportunity to grow, share and learn with your peers and a growth stage entrepreneur.
This time around, says Spearhead’s Jeff Fagnan, standout “leads,” or those tapped to deploy capital from the fund, will also have the opportunity to receive another $10 million to invest at the end of the two-year program during a culminating demo day-like event. “We are trying to build an active community within the leads and we’ve found smaller equals better; fewer people coming together and taking deeper accountability,” Fagnan said. Existing Spearhead investments include ZeroDown, Altitude Networks, Scythe, Airgarage, Cloosiv, Height, O.School, PopSQL, Superplastic and Sword Health.
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Seattle Children’s today opened the ambitiously-named Building Cure, which will act as a research hub to explore treatments for childhood cancer and other diseases. (GeekWire Photo / James Thorne) It’s a symbol of how far immunotherapy — which reprograms a patient’s immune cells to fight their cancer — has come in the past decade, when Seattle Children’s made its first investment in the field. A lab space on the ground floor will be used to teach students from local schools how to perform experiments related to the research done at the center, such as isolating white cells from blood samples and running DNA tests.