On one hand, you have competent women who have chosen to contribute to society both by bringing new citizens into the world, and also by using their intellect and talent to further the businesses in which they are active. On the other hand, you have business owners who need to make sure that the needs of their businesses are met with the same unflagging commitment and undying energy that they imagine a working mother will bring to bear on her child.
Words are currently under strain. With the web making it easier to write and send -- and even spell -- the ways in which you can put words together seem suddenly finite. In business, of course, imaginative minds still come up with phrases that enter the corporate vernacular like tapeworms. California for expmple, favors the phrase TEE Up. Some mith find it odd that the state claiming to be making the world a better place chooses a phrase from a dying sports.
A problem is: Doing things is really hard. And it gets harder every day in business. Some days, it seems more realistic to just give up entirely. The whole taking one step forward and one or two steps backward pattern is getting old. You have been telling yourself for a long time "today id the day" only to fall into old ways before the day, or if you are lucky, the week, is spent.
YOur ultimate goal is to increase sales, and grow your business, right? It does not matter if your are a startup founder, app developer, entrepreneur, or ecommerce website owner. There is one secret weapon that can skyrocket the growth of your business. If you think that increasing traffic to your website will be enough to do it, you are not seeing the whole picture. You need to convert your website traffic into paying customers.
Like modern-day explorers ascending K2 or reaching the Norht Pole, entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Brian Chesky and Arianna Huffington have what the Finnish call sisu, a flair for turning extreme adversity into advantage. where sisu flourishes, entrepreneurs report higher levels of hope (unshakeble self-belief), optimism (expecting good things to happen), perseverance (commitment to the purpose and not giving up easily), and resilience (ability to adapt to obstacles and recover quickly).
It is an incredible time to be a product developer. Like solving problems? Enjoy being creative? Today, you do not have to start a business to launch an idea into the market. You can go the licensing route  and beging receiving passive income for your creativity instead. That is the beuty of open innovation, the increasingly widespread practice of companies looking outside their own walls for the best new product ideas.
No one would intentionally share a marketing document it they knew that its content would tarnish their public image. A resume is essentially a type of personal marketing collateral. So why settle for something that compromises your personal brand? So, why are your resume are embarrassing you? What can help you to send a better resume, that does not ruin your public image. Here is how you can do that.
Lately, we keeo hearing about the impact of virtual reality on shopping and retail. Whether it is a virtual reallity fashion show or vistual changing rooms, or even the world's first virtual reality department store, virtual reality is enjoying a wild ride at the moment. But far less is known about how virtual reality is changing retail shopping behine the scenes. FOrward-thinking businesses are using virtual reality today to improve "shopability".
In your hung for potential investors, you are bound to run into a few bad eggs. They easily stick out and we have all met them and most of them do not even know they suck -- no one tells them. You have also come across great investors. They are responsive, helpful, and when they "pass" you are still excited to send them other oppotunities. They ask that insightful question you have never heard before.
Whether you are a marketer, a business owner, a freelancer, an influencer, here you are getting a challenge : Begin thinking of social media more like a conference and less like a cold call. In addition to the sales, marketing and advertising potential, the true value of social media networks is networking. You cannot believe this? But that is the truth! See what are the mistakes are made these days by the new comers.