The business productivity tools enable businesses to make complex tasks a simple one. Related Post: Best Productivity Tools Smart Entrepreneurs Use What are the best business productivity tools? Dropbox is one of the best business productivity tools for businesses that allow them to store important documents in a secure place.
John Cramer, a UW physics professor emeritus, teamed up with Caltech electrical engineer and physicist Carver Mead to put forward an explanation for how the indefinite one-and-zero, alive-and-dead state of a quantum system gets translated into a definite observation — a phenomenon known as wave function collapse. The concept includes elements from what Cramer calls the Transactional Interpretation of quantum mechanics, which he laid out in a 2016 book called “The Quantum Handshake.” That interpretation, which Mead fleshed out in subsequent work, puts a new spin on the interaction between quantum systems. “My Transactional Interpretation explains more than 26 different quantum optics experiments in great detail — how the handshakes work in order to make what’s observed in the experiments come out.” He hasn’t yet found an experiment that rules out the interpretation, but acknowledges that there are probably a lot more experiments left to check.
The Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing today completed three days’ worth of certification flight tests on the Boeing 737 MAX, but it’ll take weeks more for the FAA to review the fixes that Boeing made and decide whether to end the yearlong grounding of the planes. This week, FAA pilots and engineers evaluated Boeing’s changes during a series of flights based out of Seattle’s Boeing Field. In an update posted online, the FAA said it will analyze the data gathered during the flights, review Boeing’s documentation and training procedures, and issue a series of reports.
(Trover Photos) Trover was started by Rich Barton and Jason Karas as a “mobile discovery network” intent on connecting people through images of shared places and experiences. Barton, the co-founder and current CEO of Zillow, previously founded and led Expedia, the online travel giant that paid an undisclosed sum for Trover. Of course, I fully respect and understand Expedia’s decision, given the hurricane that has hit the travel industry.” A note to users appeared on the Trover website on Wednesday thanking travelers for sharing their content and advising them that images would continue to be used by Expedia Group if accounts were not deleted.
The company said it will use the funds to accelerate its product development roadmap, engage more deeply with a wide network of Indian content creators who are sharing videos on the app, and hire talent to scale the tech infrastructure and prepare for larger user base with deeper engagement. Founded in 2020 by Shivank Agarwal and Ankit Khandelwal, Mitron app is a short-form social video app that allows users to create, upload, view, and share entertaining short videos. With the support of this round, our focus is on building features and supporting content that uniquely resonates with Indian users, while prioritising community standards and local laws in India.” Mitron’s rise in India came at a time when the central government is pushing for local products indicates that many Indian users are convinced by the pitch of a homegrown app, regardless of whether it is actually a superior product.
Envision will provide an eight-week curriculum and around $10,000 in equity-free capital to companies taking part (the group is still closing on part of the capital it needs, but appears to be making quick progress based on numbers shared with TechCrunch). Envision, run by 11 college students and recent graduates, quickly picked up enough startup veterans to run its program (names like Ryan Hoover and Alexia Tsotsis), and seemingly ample corporate support. Envision says in large letters at the top of its website that it is “helping diverse founders build their companies.” If the group succeeds in meeting that mark, it will be an implicit critique of the old-fashioned venture capital world that has historically not invested in diverse founders.
The Canadian company had raised nearly $200 million, but the release of its Focals 2.0 smart glasses has been cancelled, a bittersweet end for its soft landing. Many AR startups before North made huge promises and raised huge amounts of capital before flaring out in a similarly dramatic fashion. A key error of this batch was thinking that an AR glasses company was hardware-first, when the reality is that the missing value is almost entirely centered on missing first-party software experiences.
The Racial Justice Data Initiative will provide partner organizations with an equity data hub, detailing how issues like health, poverty, homelessness, and gender equality affect different racial and ethnic groups. “We know we still have more to do to build a more racially and ethnically diverse Tableau.” Tableau plans to build a Community Equity taskforce in the coming months to improve diversity in the company’s partner network. “And with data, people can change policies to empower others, enfranchise communities, and eliminate the barriers to progress that have stood for too long.” Tableau is one of many tech companies in Seattle and beyond that endorsed nationwide protests demanding an end to police violence and racism in the U.S.
“It is not just about voting, it is about voting justice.” Charles Douglas III (left) and David Domke help lead Common Power. “That is the most common power that we have as a small ‘c’ citizen — the power of our individual votes,” said Douglas, who joined Common Power in 2019 as director of brand and big ideas, leaving Starbucks leadership after 13 years. (Common Power Photo) Common Power’s more than 2,000 volunteers are working two main fronts: they’re contacting election officials to lobby for the widespread use of mail-in, absentee ballots and keeping polls open longer; and they’re connecting with voters to inform them about upcoming elections, make sure they’re registered and help them request absentee ballots.
Blockchain Graph Of The Week: Blockchain Use Cases According to Deloitte’s 2020 Global Blockchain Survey, majority of the respondents who work in the blockchain technology space said that the technology is being implemented in the areas of digital currency, data access and sharing, data reconciliation, identity protection, payments among others. Blockchain News Of The Week: European Innovation Council Backs Six Blockchain Startups The European Innovation Council (EIC) recently announced that it has selected six blockchain startups under ‘Blockchains for Social Good’ initiative, where they will be receiving close to €5 Mn ($5.6 Mn). Hackers Try To Attack Russia’s Blockchain Voting System, But Fails The head of the Moscow government’s IT technologies department Artem Kostyrko recently said that the hackers tried to attack Russia’s blockchain voting system through the observer’s node on Saturday evening (June 27), and claimed that all votes have been successfully recorded