Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, holds the pride of being the wealthiest city in our country.  It is the home to major financial institutions such as RBI, NSE, BSE, etc. and thousands of ambitious people working day and night. The increasing business opportunities offer the inhabitants of Mumbai a better potential for a higher standard of living. Mumbai is a city with diverse culture, from people from almost every part of the country. 
The growth of E-commerce is almost incalculable adding millions of new entrants every month. Mobile traffic has soared in recent years and now constitute 30-50% of overall traffic on major E-commerce sites. This completely washed the era of coupon scratching. E-commerce not only brought ease it also gave the audience variety.From the current growth in E-commerce it can be clearly seen that this is the best time to get into the business.
The Colorado based accelerator, which so far has accepted over 1,000 companies into its programmes, is focusing on hiring a country head to lead its new operations in India accompanied in venture with ANSR after closely watching India’s growth and its emergence as the third largest global startup ecosystem in less than a decade.
Arokya Mandro is the first pf his generation from a Chennai based fishermen community to have completed his studies from London. The best part of the dtory is that the young guy decided to do something out of the box and started an online store that sells cleaned and packaged fishes. This involves no processing and preserving and is sold within 24 hours. admirable, isn't it?
Sikh community has yet again taught us lessons in humanity. Delhi's Bangla Sahib Gurudwara is delivery food from the langar to Jantar Mantar everyday to feed the farmers from Tamil Nadu who are protesting since the last three months for a loan waivering and draught relief package.
Microsoft has come out with a software that provides read-out-loud feature for the people who are not able to read beacuse of difficulties. The speed and voice can be customised according to the need of the user. It comes under theOffice 365 pipeline. This feature is currently available to the Insider version of Office 365.
Tejashwi Yadav has accused Nitish of including tainted people in his ministry. The blame game has begun after the collapse of the great alliance between RJD and JDU. He also said that both Nitish Kumar and Sushil Kumar Modi are tainted as many cases are pending against them. The party would soon hold meetings to notify people of the Nitish's betrayal.
A nine-judge constitution bench under Chief Justice J S Khekar has reserved its verdict for the case whether Right to Privacy should be included in the fundamental rights or not. The verdict shall be released on the 27th of August. 
China's claim that the troops of India in Doklam has reduced, has been declare false by a superior government official of India.Chinese ministry had issued a statement that the troops contained 200 men earlier which has come down to 40. Countering this statement, the officer said that around 350 Indian Army personnel have been in Doklam for the last six week fter China tried to build a road a road in that area.
Designing an airplane has long been an exercise in tradeoffs. A larger airplane with more powerful engines can hold more people and go farther, but is costlier to run. A smaller one is more cost efficient, but lacks capacity. For decades, these have been nearly invioable constraints that manufacturers just had to live with. Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner is different. It did not just redesigned the airplane, it redesigned the materials that go in it.