Ever wondered how do big e-commerce service providing firms compete with one another? They certainly do not compete in terms of resources, assets, etc. in real time. Next, there comes another catch to the topic when we wonder whether how these firms determine their product prices after.  They follow a dynamic pricing strategy which enables the retailers to change their prices in accordance with consumer demand and competitor prices frequently.  
In the era of showing off with fancy cars and luxurious things, many people fail to match with the other crowd. People think, it is essential to maintain, a prominent image for earning a salary. And this happens just because these people decide to spend it on other “ESSENTIAL” things. Sacrificing on basic necessities is not a problem for them. Youth nowadays are ready to risk anything to fit in. Everyone fears the insult. 
We are born and brought up with books around.Everyone loves and wants to get inspired, isn’t it? The best sources are our  friends -“the books.” Whether you are a child, a student or a professional, you’ve read, loved and needed a book! Even entrepreneurs do! Well, there are different reasons for different roles but for entrepreneurship, the topmost is – success! Let's have a look at the top 10 books for entrepreneurs to succeed.
It’s about convenience and time.Right after the growth of restaurants, came the concept of home delivery. Browse through the menu+Select your meal+Pay=Your Meal at your doorsteps in some time. Following McDonald's, Dominos, etc's Home Delivery option, came giants like FoodPanda, Zomato, etc.They are like mediators connecting you to the restaurants, even with the ones that do not offer any delivery options. They’ll let you decide your menu and offer you exciting discount coupons.
OYO rooms is an Indian hotel brand that operates in more than 200 Indian towns, Malaysia and Nepal. It recently has closed a $250 million round of funding led by SoftBank. The deal makes OYO a key company in SoftBank’s portfolio which includes the likes of Paytm, Flipkart, Hike, Grofers, and InMobi. OYO hence has gained a great deal and its idea for expansion is hoped to be successful in this domain of competitive hospitality sector.
The fashion sector has broadened up rapidly. Women and men are now so into the world of fashion that they follow every new movement that takes place. The market has seen a lot of business emerging from the field of fashion. The question here is whether these basic start-ups are apprehensive enough? The increasing levels of awareness about one’s body type and what works best for them has led to more demand for different options.  
Economics and equality have had a long history of association, but in the modern day with the growth of newly nurtured equality parameters such as feminism at its peak, the relation between economics and equality has lately become a debatable issue. One of the most influential, attention requiring topics in this area is, Equal pay for equal work. Everyone has their own point of view which happens to be way too different than others. 
We must bear in mind that marginal utility, tends to decrease as we consume more and more units of a commodity. This phenomenon is known as the law of diminishing marginal utility. Most of the companies measure the rate of growth of their operations in terms of utility. Utility seems to be an extremely easy-to-understand concept but when it is mixed up with consumer satisfaction, it gets highly complicated and hard to understand.    
Communalism, is a political economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution and exchange should be regulated by the community as a whole has a major part to play in modern day economics. The command economies face some disadvantages such as delay in decision-making, government bureaucracy and red-tapeism. It leads to high levels of unemployment which adds up to the discontent of the community.  
A start-up is an entrepreneurial venture which is mostly characterized as a newly emerged, fast-growing business that may be driven by a profit motive or a social service motive, as in some cases. In the modern era’s business world, start-ups are considered as the parameter to measure the efficiency, growth and development rate of the trade and commerce industry of that particular economy. The first problem an entrepreneur faces is the availability of finance and resources.