Most entrepreneurs are so busy building a product that they miss building a company.These are some of the principles to follow: Opportunity to create something, Have a shot at becoming a millionaire, Bringing order to chaos, Taking ownership, Enjoy freedom responsibly, Direct access to leadership, Thrive in a non-political environment, Learn, fail, succeed, repeat, Try something you’ve never done before
Finance as a function is in midst of a complete reorientation. Finance is no longer a stand-alone department disconnected from the rest of the business and focused only on numbers. Finance now is an integral part of any business operation, and also has a key seat in the boardroom. Along with this, the role of a finance professional is also going through a deep change and it’s mandatory for a finance guy to be future-ready.
Tata Capital has launched an online working capital lending platform. The platform has been built with the purpose to provide an easy, seamless and paperless experience for loans sanction up to $291.8K (INR 2 Cr).The online lending platform will allow customers to access their loan account details and utilise the loan limits anywhere anytime.
InnoVen Capital India, a venture debt and speciality-lending firm has closed the first half of 2018 with commitments of funding worth $60.9 Mn (INR 418 Cr) to be invested in early and growth-stage startups. So far, the Temasek-backed firm has disbursed $43.7 Mn (INR 300 Cr) of the total fund committed. It closed 22 transactions in H1 2018.
The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) is looking to introduce Unified Payments Interface (UPI) as an alternative payment option for the retail IPO investors. UPI can speed up the listing process, according to Sebi. This will further reduce the paperwork as well as application errors for intermediaries during the IPO process. NSE is in talks with Securities Exchange Board Of India (SEBI) to ease of startup listing norms on its platform Emerge ITP.
Doctolib has developed an online scheduling platform for all sorts of doctors, from your physician next door to the hospital in the big city. Together, the two companies work with 10,000+ of doctors. For now, both MonDocteur and Doctolib will stick around. If you’ve been using one of those two sites, nothing will change. Doctors will also remain segmented between the two sites. Eventually, there will be just one service.
Incubator shape an imperative piece of the start-up ecosystem, especially so in India, where the possibility of business is as yet picking up force. Since new businesses need numerous asset, experience, mentoring and system – hatcheries provide these to the administrations which enable them to overcome introductory obstacles like incorporate space, financing, legal, bookkeeping, PC administrations and different requirements for maintaining the business.  
Vistara has launched ‘Vistara Hackathon’, the country’s largest of its kind in aviation. The ‘Vistara Hackathon’ is aimed at encouraging the young minds and draw participation from across the country to create innovative solutions that will disrupt the industry in line with the airline’s vision of transforming the flying experience for travelers in India. Vistara brings together Tata’s and SIA’s legendary hospitality and renowned service excellence to launch the full-service carrier in India. 
From a small city of Indore, within a short span of three years, a company positioned itself as the world’s second largest viral content company with over one billion readers and over 250 million page views per month. It has become India’s 20th most visited site. India’s largest and world’s second largest, “witty feed” is the viral content marketing platform. It publishes content on categories such as sports, fashion, travel, health, etc.  
Apple is back with the next series of its most celebrated and amazing product – the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & the iPhone X. Apple has never disappointed anyone when it comes to features and specifications of the product. The iPhone X is surely an eye-catcher with a sleek edge-to-edge design and glass body. The products that Apple Inc. devises are amazing but they need to understand that charging so high renders them nothing in the long run.