Studies have revealed the benefits of meditation in our daily life. Now you don't have to sit cross legged for hours and concentrate for meditating. Rohan Gunatillake's "Mobile Mindfullness" is a legit mindfullness which can be done aside the activities you are already doing. He have introduced a few methods of practicing Mobile Mindfullness, like: checking email with mindfullness, stay present in long, boring meetings and have a tourist mind. this makes meditation more simpler and you don't have to take out some extra time for it.
According to the Psychological researchers, what you wear affects how others think of you - embodied cognition. Like a dramatic pair of eyeglasses, hairstyle and even the SOCKS you wear. Those pair of socks can make others think that you are bit of a creative rebel who can think of himself, sort of playful to whom they can connect easily and the outside-the-box socks can make other assume that you can break through your own things and work outside the norms.
Harika Dronavalli, have won quite a number of world championship awards but have not earned fame though! She recently won a bronze medal in Wolrd Women's Chess Championship at Tehran. This 26year old Indian Grandmaster competed against 64 of the top women chess players from around the world and made it ot the top three. Harika had won bronze medals at earlier championships in Khanty-Mansyisk in 2012 and Sochi in 2015. This hyderabad girl has also won the World Juniour in 2008 and the Commonwealth Games Women in 2010. Harika had the honour of recieving Arjuna Award in 2008.
The annual droughts in Maharashtra have put immense pressure on the available water resourses. As water scarcity is not new in India, looking back at the history there are a number of ways how our anscesters dealt with the water demands by conserving water and designing water harvesting structures. Like- The Hill Fort of Maharashtra, Rock-cut water cistern with dressed stone walls at Sinhagad Fort, Water supply system at Shivaji era etc. These historical structures of the buildings and the supply system are good lessons for us to cut down the water scarcity problems.
Melioidosis, a deadly infection that causes pneumonia, abscesses and even organ failure. Without treatment it can kill in 48hours. A new study says, Burkholderia pseudomallei is the bacterium causing this disease and is found in soil as well as water of 45 countries. 165,000 cases are expected every year and the death rate can be high- upto 70%. The symptoms are nonspecific and the bacterium is even harder to diagnose than the standard bacteriums. The bacterium is naturally resistant to commonly prescribed antibiotics. It rare spreads from person to person. it can survive in distilled water, which shows its hardiness and deadliness.
If you are a boss or a leader, there are things you always need to keep in mind because there are others following you and responding to your moves. Body language have a lot to do in any official set up. And if your are a boss you need to carry a professional body language all the time. So, there are 3 important mistakes made by bosses in the professional areas. They are- Lack of eye contact, Slouching (physical disinterest) and Not paying enough attention. These are very generally seen mistakes which are taken in account most of the time.
Hugging 100times in 12years is a sexual offence! 100 times may sound a lot, but if you break it, it's less than once a month. Victoria Zedwick filed a case against her boss Sheriff Edward G Preito that he repeatedly hugged her and tried to kissed her though unsucceeded. In the case the norms of filing the complaints are not fulfilled because the work place didnot seemed to be hostile. This is more related to cultural beliefs that some people are open to hugging and some are not. some may consider it to be sexual harassment too.
Keeping your brain young is possible. The scientific research shows that the motivation and emotion area of barin of superagers is thicker, which keeps there brain young. there is a connection between the motivation we get from the emotion we experience and the brain's ability to compensate for the atrophy that naturally occurs. There are some keys to mental youth. 1. Mindfulness and active noticing. 2. Talk kindly to yourself. 3. Accept individualised challenges. Ageing do affect our brain, but being mindful and taking a positive attitude may lead to emotionally rich expereiences.
There are leaders all around us in our work places. Some are whom we can connect to and some we hate to work with. If you are one of those leaders who are not being liked then here is the reason. You need to Get Rid Of- 1. the old boy's club. 2. your penchant for micromanaging. 3. the tendency to lead through fear. 4. how quickly you squash innovation. 5. your inability to actively listen. 6. how you ignore the development of your people. 7. your lack of self awareness. 8. your ineptness with influencing those aroung you. 9. your habbit of hogging the spotlight. 10. your invisible leader act.