You have got more responsiblities on your plate than you know how to wrap around your fork. Every minute counts. But did you know that procrastinating is futile? well yes that is possibel you believe it or not. There is one anti-procrastination hack that can streamline and improve your life. For most of us, everyday jobs, your are better off commiting to the finish as soon as you start.
Good news is easier to deliver. Bad news -- to employees, when layoffs might be imminent, or cuts need to be made... or to teammates, when work woudl not be completed on time, or commitments would not be met... or customers, when delivers will be late, or high expectations may not be met -- is much tougher to deliver. That is why many companies, and many people, fall back on "corporate" methods of communicating.
In today's market place, to sttract and hire top talent, recruiters must act like marketers. Rhater than differentiating a product or service, recruiters have to position their organisations as top emploers, This process is known as employer branding. In a nutshell, employer branding connects who your organization is to what it does. Employer branding is taking the recruiting industry by storm. Make sure your organization is not missing the boat by failing to provide the "right" information.
"State of Employee Engagement" survey, which captures live data from hundreds of thousands of answers from employees all over the world about what they believe leads to an awesome employee experience. The whole premise for this surevey -- or any other employee engagement tool -- is predicated on cok=mpanies having good leadership in place to trigger discretionary effort in their employees. A result-oriented workplace with a grwat culture and bottom-line impact just can not happen without it.
Albert Eintein's life was about making complex, simple. He was a master of so many aspects of life, including creativity, the state of the world, and the power of imagination and intuition. He was a true mystic in sceintific. There three guidelines for work that you can also follow. Be on your computer, refrigeratior, or night tale. Simple, not mecessarily easy way, But elegant.
If you have ever done an internet search on the term comfort zone, you will find statements like this: Life only begins at the edge of your comfort zone, nothing good ever grew in a comfort zone or if you are not outside your comfort zone, you are not learning aything. In other words, comfort zones get a really bad rap. But is it really true that nothing good ever comes from being in your comfort zone?
We have all learned to become comfortable and to some extent, complacent, in a given circumstance. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the workplace. unintentionally, leaders often fall into a status quo form of managing and the sad part is that many of them are unawre that this has happened. it is comfortable to be sure, but it is not a great way to lead, particularly in these hyper-competitive times.
Are you getting plenty of traffic but not converting many customers on your e-commerce site? Generating traffic to your e-commerce sire is only the first step. If your conversions are low, it is time to analyze your website and the conversion funnel and make some improvements. Let is take a look ar a few ways to do this. Understanding what is wrong with your optimization strategy is crucial for your business.
Ex and Current Employee's of Swiggy come out in the open and talk about the malpractices of the startup. Swiggy is blamed to bleed out restaurants, low grade service to consumers, unethical employment practices, cheating low grade employee of the salary and perks. They also have been lying consistency to the investors about the growth and the falsified data for all the media report.
Have you ever visited a new city and wandered the streets without a plan or agenda? There is something simutaneously zen and exhilarating about simply enjoying the journey. Have you ever had that zen destroyed when traveling with someone who does not want to wander? They want a map. They have expectations. And they want to know those expectations have been met. Sometimes the simplest solutions make the biggest difference.