Your exams are over and you are getting ready to go for an all new start of your college life. But looking at the greater picture, you seem to frown upon the idea of collecting materials to cover up the unattractive furniture of your hostel room and to make it homely.How to go about it? Chaos, curious atmosphere and strange people rattle your thoughts. Fear not, fairy godmothers do exist to help the drooling Cinderella soul of yours to get fixed and go to the fresher’s party before the midnight strikes. Here, your ultimate savior at the click of the mouse comes in – The Dorm Shop.

The Dorm Shop was founded by Jay Bagri, a Manipal alumnus, when this idea hit him following a small personal incident in life. Even though he dabbled with the idea for a few years, he could see his idea maturing into something tangible soon when his cousin shifted to Vellore during the fall of 2014 for his engineering education. He recalls and says that it was quite shocking to see that his cousin was facing the same usual hostel issues, such as buying stuffs which a beginner faces, similar to his worst case scenario a decade ago in Manipal. Being a stubborn kid, to make it on his own terms, he faced similar dilemma to understand the impossible shopping issues which were comparable to Laplace equation that time. In the worst challenge, lies the biggest solution and it was the key for this venture. After a thorough research, he realized that almost every college fresher faces the same problem. And here, The Dorm Shop gradually took its shape in mid-2015 at a slow yet steady place.

It is basically a content-driven e-commerce platform which helps new hostel students pre-purchase their dorm-essentials and have them shipped on the moving day. Even students who would like to change houses can avail this. The present focus is only on the students, but the e-commerce setup would like to expand as a lifestyle website for the youth from its current campus lifestyle website. Owned by the Howrah Flour Mills Ltd, it also spreads the nooks of its App to create a platform where the students can get access to the campus news and look up for any information regarding the frequent places or the local store. The Dorm Shop claims to be your first friend in college and surely lives up to the expectations!

It has won hearts – be it essential items, quirky packages or course related products. During those hectic college schedules and endless assignments, you could even grab some instant food or get help in organizing your cluttered surrounding with the help of shoes, jewellery or even clothes organizers. Additionally, it also provides an orientation program and anti-ragging organisations such as S.A.V.E where the senior gets paid to help the fresher adjust in the college and it acts as a sort of ‘ice-breaking’ session.

The founder thinks India is evolving and “tits-bits” small shops are a passé and students need to be sold quality products. Standardization of campus stores is imperative and the venture has tie-ups with many prominent colleges of India featuring in the website. But the good news is that you can still shop if your college is not registered. So shop on and decorate your dream dorm – preparing it for your college late night memories.

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