“Wonder Woman” has hit the cinemas a month ago and broke all records. We have a female superhero film now. Cheers. But coming back to reality let me speak of The Big Bag Theory formula. The formula is a collection of ideaotic items and concludes that- “Research shows that it doesn’t need a Superhero to rescue the world. It just needs a Super bag, coaster, magnet, apron or a lamp.” How true. Since we don’t have some magical powers to add charm to our boring life. But only colors and expressions. And this online e-commerce platform is just for that. You can take up any of the ideaotic items with just a tap of your finger. Be it totes, stylish satchels, funky laptop bags or edgy clutches to keep your stuff. The kitschy coasters saving you from the evil spills and cool fridge magnets make your fridge look less like a fridge. The quirky wine bottle-lamps to light up for the party people along with trippy hip-flasks to sip booze. Take your naughty kitchen aprons and cook memories through clocks that always display ‘happy hours’ and pass your time.

The magical fairy godmother to annihilate the boring and the ordinary life of yours is none other than Meghana Ogale. A young art professional who has helped build many brands across India’s leading advertising agencies. And later finding her own venture at last. The Big Bag Theory focus is to make a heady style statement. Founder also confirms it to be about her favorite indulgences. Educating you about wine at every creation. Be it the graphic designs or quirky lines that teach you, “With great booze comes great irresponsibility.” The regular customers on the site do not always include just the youngsters who could relate to the brand and shout, “It’s very me.” But also an impassioned bunch of wine aficionados, movie buffs, style divas and the party hearties. The team is showing its dedication and fun while designing the products at the same time and it definitely shows. It has increased its dimension and spread across stores in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi. Even running through an array of e-commerce sites worldwide. The sincere effort has been the result of successful exhibitions and events. Setbacks and challenges have also been a part of their story. But those have been an eye-opener for them and has helped the team to discover something new on each occasion. Continuous interaction with the customers has led them to find new edges in their future iterations and designs. Over 70 inspirational custom-designed and ideaotic products satisfying the customers prove to be bigger, better and Quirkier in the future.

True success for them is when customers loved their product and identify with it. The most satisfying part, as the founder says , is to see them eye for an item amongst the ideaotic collection and pack them with love for their loved ones. This one bonding sets this online venture apart from others. Every customer is an ideaot. 22-year-old Sonia is a confirmed satisfied ideaot. She says, “I just go crazy shopping with The Big Bag Theory. The products are so stylish and yet fun and affordable.” This proves everything in one line. Once an ideaot is an ideaot for life. Believing in being IDEAOTIC and carrying out with determination is their motivation. Do what you love to do and you will never work a day in your life is the message for the upcoming entrepreneurs and also to have time for fun. Cheers to that! Enjoy being you and spreading happiness with the IDEAOTIC collections of the Big Bag Theory.


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