The distant dream of buying condoms without raising eyebrows at the chemist store is far off in a country like India. But now you can get it in few clicks from an amazing online store. All under one roof and few clicks. Heard it right! One click and enhance the new discreet “O” in style.


That’s Personal is an online e-commerce platform that provides for your sexual wellness and provides intimate products. The product range is endless – it starts from edible body paints, slinky lingerie, erotic board games, gels, accessories and even literature. You can delve deeper into the adult toy range and savor the bond with your partner in different ways. You can take that sexy piece out and have the most amazing time and tempt your love and pump up the temperature high while enjoying adult games.

Ex-Microsoft employee Samir Saraiya founded this sassy concept and changed the E-commerce scenario. Change is the only constant but change is hard to accept. Two dilemmas stood before him at the onset; one to explain his venture to his conventional Jain family members and another to understand the legal restrictions before bouncing with the idea. He caught up with the latter and went up to his lawyer friend to get clarity. In conclusion, rules dealing with obscenity make no reference to adult products. Voila! The whole idea took the form of reality sooner than he thought. Two of his Microsoft buddies backed him up in the angel funding process and jumped into what he calls “discreet e-commerce”. Why so? He confirms it with the launch of the fourth pillar of e-commerce, that is, “Privacy” and runs it under total discretion. Unlike others who touts on convenience, price and choice. The former dilemma faced reluctance at first but accepted eventually. He would announce his startup as “Digital E-Life” on his business cards to ward off weird smiles. And his innocent daughters would tell the same if somebody would pop up the question pertaining to their dad’s job.

That’s Personal started out in January 2013 and got a wide media attention after the launch. It graced the front page story of prestigious The Economic Times within few days of its launch. The site crashed with customers creating traffic from 123 different countries within 10 days of its massive launch. The main office is in Chembur, an industrial and retailing hub harbored in eastern Mumbai and is run by 15 members including him. It is working with more than 15 international and 10 Indian brands now.

The tie up with Aramex has helped its customers to pick their delivery from the local Aramex stores. Total discretion followed from packaging to delivery is guaranteed but with an extra amount for it. It cannot be seen as a drawback but as a boon, especially for Indian women and youngsters. The art of “discretion” also comes with edgy noble words for sassy items. Such as for the racy lingerie, the code is “one-piece apparel”. Ah! such camouflage.
It is “Discreet” E-Commerce, indeed, in every way. It is going to reach great heights with naughty ideas as you reach your own pace while enjoying the products and intimacy. Because, shhhh…That’s Personal!

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