Recently a day ago , an anonymous blog post about the Naspers backed firm Swiggy in the voice of its four ex and current employees  the claims made in the post. But those facts were hold more strong with the data and images present along with it. But how much its authenticity holds true is still on debatable point.

What Does The Blog Post Say ?

The four co-authors belonging from the swiggy sales team has claimed that the online food delivery app Swiggy has tampered its business numbers and lied to its investors. Even showing their grounds on dishonesty towards their users and restaurant owners. The sales team is pushed to arm twist the  small restaurant owners to make them subject to pay a commission of 25% and rising up to 30 % in the future. Instead of helping them , the sales team are made to lie about their market share and large order volumes. Such instances shows that the expense of the restaurant owner’s livelihood and business growth is not even taken in consideration, where as they claim to care about the restaurants.

The post also claimed that Swiggy had presented false numbers to investors in its latest fund raise closed in May. The January 2017 order volumes were less than December 2016 volumes, there was a decline of order volumes in January, but the post alleged that in the investor presentations December numbers had been removed. A linear growth curve across all months of the existence had been shown instead. Employees are the main contributor to success in any company, but here too the blog post has claimed that many employees were failed to recieve bonuses and equity that was promised. Inefficiency surrounding the senior management due to its ego has also been highlighted along with the unceremonious event of firing of the VP Gunjan is a showcase that office politics is the only key to stay and rise. Moreover, media has also been hoodwinked, the Recent publication in ET showed its order crossing 4 million a month, but accessing the dashboards showed a different picture. Orders revealed in June 2017 were approx to 2.76 mn and around 3 million. Lying to media itself now questions on its work ethics of the company.

What is Ethics and Right Practices for startups ?

Professor Michael Beer of eminent Harvard Business researched on the difference between companies that perform for high levels at longer duration of time and those which explode after a minimum time period. It was shown that the firms which broke down in Wall Street due to three main reasons- a lack of higher purpose and in other words, focus was on short-term gains, profits, and bonuses – lacked a clear strategy and mismanage their risk. Companies like Charles Schwab and US Bancorp were still able to avoid the fallout by having a clear focus on customer service  honesty and transparency. Companies like Cisco Systems, Southwest Airlines, and Costco Wholesale achieved the greatest success with a strong work ethic culture.

A strong ethic culture is thus the fact for success of any company.

A strong ethic culture is needed in a company because without it management in itself is in chaos and integrity of the relationship between employers and employees is in question. The policy of the company are questionable if they show any kind of dishonesty towards their customers. Customers are the main product and their safety must be put in work ethics culture.

So in this aspect we can say that in reference the following values must be pinpointed out-

  1. Honesty and Truthfulness- These two qualities shows the interdependence and longitude of the trust that any employee and customer puts on a company.
  2. Transparency and Impartiality – A fair transparency in its monthly records and market share is important to maintain the transparency. The management levels and activities must be clearly described and employees must be given monthly targets for their ongoing evaluation and impartial promotion and selection.
  3. Greater Customer Service – This is one of the most important requirements to be followed by the business to maintain their service and products according to the health and safety standards of the customer and never be cheated on its terms of its own ethos worth.
  4. Professionalism and Accountability- The management should follow the code of conduct accordingly and promotion should be based on honest results put forward by any employee. It should not play by office politics and feedback sessions should be there for improvisation in its employee requirement list. It should hold accountable on whoever is responsible based on its legal standards and not just rush decisions.
  5. Security and Compliance- Security of employees and those who are connected within it should be a priority and decision must be compiled according to the legal standards. Taxes, salary, and bonuses should be paid on time.

Thus, these should be followed at any cost and a Startup should not surrender the core work ethics amidst the greed for quick growth of success. An Ethics Office should be set up just as CISCO which ensures legal and regulatory compliance in the 100+ countries as they do business. It also focuses on its requirements to respond to questions from various reporting agencies, counseling with the business and enhancing its work culture and ethos by working with leaders.

So, in light of the above mentioned facts and the recent Swiggy false claims blog post it is advisable for young Startups not to branch out of the stream of work ethics. It is so, because , in long existence the work culture of any company deem perfect  fit for their progress. Take your employees into consideration and be impartial to their work input generated towards the company. Having a Ethics department in every Startup to  counsel every level of management and business decision is also an important input for everlasting good impression of their brand name in the market.


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