Pune is currently on the rise in the start-up universe. Though Pune doesn’t boast as many startups as Bengaluru or Delhi, with improvements in facilities, Pune has seen the rise of many tech-based startups.

Here are some of the interesting startups from Pune;


Arcatron Mobility designs smart wheelchairs to assist people with limited mobility. It is launching, what it claims to be India’s first shower and commode wheelchair designed to ease the process of using the restroom and taking a bath for individuals with limited mobility. In March 2016, it raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding from angel investors. It also won $100,000 worth of free credits from Google at the Surge conference this year.
With a mission to advance global standards of assisted living and make it dignified and safer, Arcatron is building the next generation of devices to enhance lives of people with limited mobility and elderly care needs. Their motto is “Purpose Driven Innovation”​, which helps them to apply engineering and technology for making products aimed at solving unmet needs for focus segments.


Tork Motorcycles

Tork Motorcycles focuses on creating practical electric mobility solutions in India. In April, they raised an undisclosed amount of angel funding from investors including Bhavish Agarwal and Ankit Bhati, Co-founders of Ola, and Harpreet Grover, Co-founder and CEO of CoCubes. Founded in 2009 by Kapil Shelke, Tork’s motorcycle has features like cloud connectivity, integrated GPS, and in-built navigation capabilities, thereby making it the first smart motorcycle.
In September last year, they released India’s First Electric Bike T6X, priced At ₹ 1.25 Lakh. Meanwhile, Tork will have experience zones set up in Delhi Pune and Bangalore to promote the electric motorcycle that will be run by the manufacturer itself. The company will also continue testing the model in the months to come while the homologation process is underway as well.



ProximiT provides proximity-based advertising in auto rickshaws in Pune and helps brands and consumers connect with each other. They use tablets installed in auto rickshaws that display feature rich content-static images, audio-video ads, and ads triggered by geo-location. ProximiT collects this data and, based on how different users interact with the tablet, provides insights to brands about which ads are the most effective. Co-founded by Abhay Bora, Yash Mutha, and Kamlesh Sancheti, ProximiT raised Rs 1 crore in early stage funding via crowd funding platform 1Crowd.
With this approach ProximiT is able to collect a lot of data and based on how different users interact with the tablet provide insights to brands about which ads are the most effective. Anil Gudibande, Co-founder of 1Crowd added that 1Crowd had co-invested alongside its investor members. The startup has also been able to add 10-15% to the income of auto-rickshaw owners. Abhay– Founder & MD, ProximiT said, “The Indian start-up ecosystem continues to expand and break new ground, with crowd funding becoming a viable alternative to conventional sources of capital.”



PlanMyMedicalTrip provides affordable medical services for patients from abroad. Founded by Dr Rajeev Rane and son Anurav Rane, the medical tourism platform provides visas, hotel bookings, transfers and air ambulances for free, while charging a referral fee from hospitals. With over 1,000 treatment deals and more than 1,500 affiliations with both doctors and hospitals, it claims to have a turnover of Rs 6 crore for FY 2015-2016. They got its first round of funding of Rs 1.25 crore this year.



SpiderG claims to be India’s first e-invoicing technology provider for SMEs. The SaaS product developer startup provides real time insights to users about their business and transactions with buyers and suppliers. Its parent company, Gladiris technologies, was started in December 2013 selling open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to small and medium businesses. Founded by Ashwani Rathore, SpiderG serves 400 businesses and has received angel investment of $150,000.

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