Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, holds the pride of being the wealthiest city in our country. The capital city of Maharashtra is the fourth most populous city in the world, with a total population of about 20.5 million people. It is the home to major financial institutions such as Reserve Bank of India, the National Stock Exchange of India, Bombay Stock Exchange, etc. and thousands of ambitious people working day and night towards their goals. Hence, it is also known as  the “business capital” of India. The increasing business opportunities offer the inhabitants of Mumbai a better potential for a higher standard of living. The city is said to give each person a chance to make something out of themselves and fulfill their dreams. Every year several people come into the city to make it big. Mumbai presents its people a throbbing and bustling commercial life as it houses the largest seaport of India, a glamorous film industry, numerous pubs, bars and restaurants, a high-maintained lifestyle, scenic beauty, beautiful getaways and a major concentration of the textile industry. There are several landmarks in Mumbai which attract tourists from all over the country and world. Mumbai tends to be one of the most desired tourist centres in India because of its rich culture and the closest proximity to the paradise island – Goa. Mumbai is considered to be the central hub for trade, industries and business. It is a growing centre of media activities and advertising. Its fast moving lush life makes people fall in love with the city and that’s what makes it this special.

Mumbai is a city with diverse culture, from people from almost every part of the country, it is the home to many UPites, Gujaratis, Marwaris and more such people of different backgrounds. All the people here love to stay in harmony and peace. There is brotherhood between the Muslims and Hindus and they very often show their love to each other. Festivals are celebrated with great zest around the city be it Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali or Eid. People of Mumbai believe to work hard and party even harder. They speak different languages but share the common love for food. The various options of food would make any foodie irrationally crazy about this city. Mumbai is the city with a great history and the saddest tragedy. But nothing stops the so-called “mumbaikars”. Here, life just moves on and you eventually learn to move with it.

With being a home to people like Ambani and Shah Rukh Khan, Mumbai has several local heroes too, one being the famous Vada Pav walas. This staple snack has given so many people a way to start a very successful business. Venkatesh Iyer being one of them who now owns a very large business of selling Vada Pavs. The company goes by the name “Goli”. Not forgetting the Dabbawalas in Mumbai who are famous worldwide for their delicious food, are a great example of a well-led entrepreneurship business. The city where the local train is the heartbeat of the city, people haven’t let go of the chance of entrepreneurship. In locals you can see women selling various things like cut vegetable, ready-made food, jewelry, etc. which are used daily by the working class women and carrying out several such other small businesses. Also, bringing in the limelight, the auto rickshaw service that is booming in Mumbai is considered as one of the biggest transport business helping many to take care of themselves and thus earning good money.

There are several such possibilities which this city has to offer. This is very reason why this city is called the “City of Dreams” where anything and everything can be done with a strong mind and motivation.



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