Education is undeniably an important fundamental right considered under our Consitution. Even our own prevailing education stream of choice lays the foundation for our career. Resources are being increased day-by-day but its inaccessibility still is prominent. India is also becoming a technology-driven country. With the power of technology in just a tap of your finger, Edugorilla, a UP based ed-tech startup is providing a diverse platform to students, subject-matter-experts, professionals, counselors, and faculties from schools, colleges, Universities, and even parents to help individuals with their career dilemmas and needs. Rohit Manglik, an alumnus of NIT Surathkal, is the main person behind this amazing venture. Catch on more about Edugorilla and Rohit Manglik with this one-to-one interview and get inspired!


1. Please tell us something about yourself.

I hail from a middle class family of Uttar Pradesh. I am an alumnus of NIT Surathkal and I have worked for companies such as Oracle, Morgan Stanley and D.E. Shaw Group before establishing EduGorilla in April 2016 and embarking on an entrepreneurial journey.


2. So, tell us about the Startup in detail and the work you are doing?

EduGorilla is an emerging education start-up. Founded in April 2016, EduGorilla is a bridge between educationists and students and fosters a healthy dialogue among all stakeholders of education.

The start-up has launched India’s largest free study material library and online directory of educational institutions. EduGorilla currently offers 30,000 free study material across various categories for students preparing for 195 entrance examinations such as CAT, UPSC, CA, IIT-JEE, GRE and the likes. More than 56,000 coaching institutes across 52 cities are included in its directory listing which is the largest in India covering educational preparation centers in every nook and corner of the country.

EduGorilla hosts a diverse community of students and subject-matter-experts, professionals, counselors, and faculties from schools, colleges, and universities to help individuals with their career needs and questions. A “reputation” feature has been designed so that those seeking answers to their career-related questions can be helped to decide judiciously, and with enhanced confidence.

So, EduGorilla is a one-stop community for career needs of all students. Complete guidance is available to students entirely free of cost.

Recently, we have raised funding from London-based and Dubai-based investors. We will utilize the funding for business development, strengthening the core technology team, and expanding its presence across various cities in India. We are now eyeing expansion in three states namely Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and New Delhi. We are also looking to attract more talent in the coming months by hiring students from premier colleges of major cities of Uttar Pradesh. EduGorilla has an ambitious plan of listing 15.8 lakh schools in the country.


3. Who are the parts of your amazing team and if you would like to feature about few innovative minds?

We have a team of 65 people. It would be unfair to feature some people as innovative minds. We have clocked impressive growth figures of our success and credit goes to my entire team. I would like to introduce top management of my team. Mr. Anatharam is our CTO and Mr. Ashish Brijwani is our COO.

• Anantharam, CTO, has worn all hats, from being a Manager at Morgan Stanley to being a computer scientist at Adobe, Co-founder of ServiceMyMobile and founder of Ananth Technologies. Passionate developer and proud nerd.

• Ashish Brijwani, COO, graduated from NIT Surathkal and later he did his MBA from IIM Lucknow. He has experience in working with KPMG and Coal India. He previously managed a team of 250 people.


4. What are the ideas which let you focus on the building of the Start-up?

I am deeply moved by Indian education system. I feel that today there is a lack of proper career guidance among youth. There are millions of career counselors, preparation centers, schools and colleges, confusing students about the right choice. This idea was crucial in giving birth to EduGorilla. During my entrepreneurial journey, I strive to come with innovative products that can make an impact on the career of students.


5. Who is your role model towards following this dream into a reality?

APJ Abdul Kalam – when I met him in IIM Ahmedabad. I am inspired by his humility, perseverance and determination. He is truly a great role model not only for me but for entire India. His vision for India is something we all should strive to achieve. Hopefully, we will be able do so.


6. What are the three attributes you connected with your Startup through your inspiration?

a) Constantly thrive to learn something new everyday
b) Perseverance
c) Humility


7. How did the journey start and launch happen?

Education, as a subject, has always been close to my heart. Once while visiting college in my city and interacting with students, I realized they had great ambitions and talent but were confused about how to go about it. While pondering over the subject, I realized that the students today had nowhere to go, nobody to approach regarding their career path. Coaching centers, mentors and counselors, all of which claimed to be the best among the lot, are accessible to only to elite students who could afford to pay their exorbitant fees. There is indeed a disconnect among students and their mentors, coaching centers and their students. Thus, was born the idea of EduGorilla, an education startup to fulfill the career needs of all students.


8. Do you follow any formula for the development of your start-up?

Apart from perseverance, humility and smart work, adaption to changes is the key to success for a startup. Startups are highly volatile and we should be able to adapt to the changes with little friction.


9. Any setbacks and how it doubled your determination?

It has been an eventful journey full of ups and downs. I am more grateful towards downs because they taught me an important lesson – Everyday might not be sunny and every day I might not achieve success. It inspires me to stretch beyond the obvious and doubles my determination.


10. If you want to spill some beans about any new launch or line around the corner for your startup?

We are launching 20 pager Psychometric Test designed by top psychiatrists in the country for free. It will disrupt Career Counselling space in India.


11.How has the profit margins been over the years and estimation you are attempting to reach your startup in the upcoming years ?

Confidential. No comment.


12. How do you want to take further development to make the reach of customer satisfaction more effective?

We have state-of-the-art Live Chat support to all our visitors for free. Now they don’t have to struggle for their career related queries.


13. What is your message to TheStartupToday?

I follow almost all portals dedicated to start-ups. I really like your website. It provides a platform to entrepreneurs like me to showcase their achievements. It also lets us stay abreast of latest news in the start-up world. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.


14. Any message you want to forward to our consumers?

Read at least 2 books a month and always be open for changes. Do not hesitate to take career guidance because career is an important aspect of life and even one advice can be a game-changer for you.


15. What do you want to say to the upcoming entrepreneurs?

Always be an enthusiast to learn new things and read at least two books in a month. Never compromise on ethics and remember that good things come with patience in life.

You can check his website here : EduGorrila

We wish this amazing platform for their journey towards making every educational resource accessible to all and bridging the gap between parents, teachers and children and making learning more fun and exciting. There is no end to learning. So grab your phone and learn as you go here.


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