Clozerr is an app that helps you discover nearby restaurants and track your loyalty points. The app, based in Chennai, goes beyond restaurant discovery, and allows users to get more from their restaurant experience that will leave them visiting again. Clozerr is an app that rewards foodies for their loyalty with restaurants, offering the user something new and exciting, even freebies, for every visit a person makes to a particular restaurant. You could say the app brings people and restaurants closer than ever, and with a loyalty program like Clozerr’s, both restaurants and foodies reap benefits.


KR Rahul, Founder and CEO of Clozerr, confesses he was always a foodie who liked checking out new restaurants whenever he could. He also wanted to be rewarded for his loyalty to the restaurants that he frequented. His pocket would bulge from loyalty punch cards. He had subscribed to many Groupon deals in his quest to test new restaurants. He also used apps like Zomato to find nearby restaurants, FoodPanda to order food, Dineout to book a table and yet another app to make a cashless payment. It had reached a point where it was becoming tedious to juggle so many apps. That was when Rahul set out to build a single app that would bundle all the apps he had been using. And that was how Clozerr was born!


Clozerr is a single app to store all the loyalty cards of your favorite restaurants. Clozerr helps you get seamlessly rewarded every time you visit a restaurant with a single tap. It helps users discover new restaurants and even rewards them on subsequent visits. As of now, Clozerr is focusing only on restaurants but in the near future it aims to add to the platform verticals like spas, salons, boutiques and any other SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Business). Clozerr aims to be the complete customer engagement and retention platform for SMBs where users will be able to book a table, order food and chat with restaurants to make inquiries and make cashless payments.
KR Rahul believes that the restaurants on Clozerr are the real customers. Initially he had to approach various restaurants in Chennai and explain how Clozerr could add value to their business in terms of understanding customers better. Now, it has become easier to get new restaurants on board. “Our USP (Unique Selling Point) is that we capture the transaction details of every user in the most seamless way. This helps us analyse and understand personal details about the user, for instance what is his/her favorite cuisine or dish; what is his/her average spend. This helps us in making intelligent recommendations to the users and also helps restaurants understand their customers better than ever before. We want the SMBs to leverage the Big Data to optimize their businesses,” he explains.


Clozerr is an upgrade to the other food-tech startups that are present in the market today. In today’s world, the biggest challenge for an individual is finding the right place to dine. Using Clozerr, one can easily narrow down his choices. Having a reward system, certainly gives Clozerr an edge over its competitors. Whether it’ll stand the test of time is something we’d have to wait and see. But for now, I am going to try gaining a few reward points at my favorite restaurant.

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