(Marble Photo) Marble, a Seattle startup building software-enabled rental management systems for smaller landlords, raised $2 million. Li said that the idea to build Marble came from an experience in college, when it took his landlord more than 18 months to fix a leaky roof. Marble primarily goes after smaller landlords, such as investors with less than 20 properties under management.
5 lessons from ‘Star Wars’ that can transform startup managers’ strategies and tactics The ‘art’ of VC startup valuations is a forgery The same holds true for startup entrepreneurs and venture capitalists attempting to manage through lean times. Unfortunately, many startups and their boards mismanage periods of low capital availability  —  as the current downturn is projected by many to be  —  by overreacting or underreacting.
Sophie Alcorn is the founder of Alcorn Immigration Law in Silicon Valley and 2019 Global Law Experts Awards’ “Law Firm of the Year in California for Entrepreneur Immigration Services.” She connects people with the businesses and opportunities that expand their lives. You should also discuss whether to transfer the individuals you want to bring to the U.S. from your PEO (professional employer organization) to your company, particularly if you are only using the PEO for the individuals abroad. Image Credits: Joanna Buniak / Sophie Alcorn (opens in a new window) When you consult your immigration attorney, you’ll want to discuss visa sponsorship for any individuals you want to bring to the U.S. who are currently on your global PEO’s payroll, as well as options for folks you haven’t started working with yet, whether they are already in the States or abroad.
Stark is a startup that wants to help designers make the software and websites more accessible for people with disabilities, and they’ve created a set of tools that plug into popular design tools and browsers to help. The Stark Suite of tools is trying to make it easy for designers to build accessibility into their designs by plugging directly into popular design tools including Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD, and popular browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Brave. Benedikt Lehnert, Stark’s chief design office, who previously held design roles at SAP and Microsoft, says the company is trying to make accessible design available to designers wherever they are working, which he sees as a major difference between his company’s offering and other similar products, which tend to cover only website accessibility.
If your company is active for longer than that, you may benefit from other tax benefits offered by the IRS such as the ability to deduct interest expenses from your business income taxes or deduct dividends from your corporate income taxes. Limited Liability Company (LLC) A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a business entity that allows its owners to limit their personal liability for the company’s debts and obligations. A disadvantage of corporations is that they have limited liability for their owners’ debts.The post Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Eight Common Business Entities first appeared on Tycoonstory Media.
This has led to the proliferation of cloud applications that house data that is completely opaque to security teams and increases the attack surface area.” Image Credits: Nightfall AI Nightfall’s platform monitors data flowing into and out of apps like Slack, Salesforce, Google Drive, Confluence and Jira, which machine learning algorithms classify as sensitive, personally identifiable (PII), noncompliant (with regulations like HIPAA and GDPR), or safe to share. “Organizations today manage high volumes of sensitive data, spanning credentials and passwords, PII, protected health information, and much more … [With Nightfall, they can] take action on sensitive data at a granular level, get full context on violations, and automate response, coaching end-users to fix issues or self-remediate.” Potential Nightfall customers might be put off by the platform’s data policy, which permits Nightfall to use their data to “continually improve [its] data classification algorithms.” Me
Image Credits: Ember LifeSciences Today, the company announced that it will be spinning out its efforts in the form of Ember LifeSciences. “With Ember Lifesciences, the goal is to deploy our technology to disrupt the healthcare distribution industry and improve the way we transport temperature-sensitive medicines and vaccines around the world.” Image Credits: Ember LifeSciences / Five Flute (opens in a new window) The new entity has a pair of new shipping containers in the pipeline that build on the initial Cube technology: “an ultra-low temperature shipper and a cryogenic shipper. Both are intended to be used to transport cell and gene therapy products and will also include the same cloud-based temperature reporting, GPS location tracking and return-to-sender technology featured in the Ember Cube.” Between both the continued vaccine rollouts and seemingly endless supply chain issues, there hasn’t been a hotter time to launch a cold chain company.
Achieving similar marbling and texture as a cut of animal meat has been a challenge for food technology startups aiming to produce whole cuts of cultivated meat, but Novel Farms believes it has cracked the code with its pork loin. Armed with $1.4 million in SAFE notes, or simple agreement for future equity, the company, founded by Nieves Martinez Marshall and Michelle Lu in 2020, is making cultivated meat — grown from cells instead of in an animal; they met as postdoctoral scientists in the molecular and cell biology department at the University of California at Berkeley. Martinez Marshall told TechCrunch it has “successfully cultivated the world’s first slaughter-free pork loin that displays the marbling and texture of a real muscle cut.” “There’s no other company right now doing pork loin,” she said when asked how the company could make that kind of “world’s first” statement.
[To launch Expedock], I also brought in Rui Aguiar, our CTO and my seatmate in our first computer science class.” Image Credits: Expedock Expedock extracts invoices from shipping account statements in PDFs and emails, creating payable invoices and auditing them against accruals of existing shipments. “Insight’s bread and butter is software companies driving transformative change in their industries, and that’s exactly what Expedock is doing in the international freight industry.” While there’s lots of competition in the freight logistics tech space — see Vector.ai and 7bridges, for starters — Dy says that Expedock is currently working with some of the largest brands in the global supply chain, including Wayfair, ClearFreight and Ascent. There are certainly ups and downs, here, but capacity to move freight is much lower than the demand, so even if this demand continues to drop, we’re still at around 8x the cost of international logistics from before the pandemic.” Be
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