E-commerce has thrown open opportunities for retailers and wholesalers like never before, enabling them to facilitate 24x7 direct online selling for both B2B and B2C operations. With such ease of selling through online channels, consumers have smoother access to niche products that they wouldn’t otherwise find in brick-and-mortar stores or products that are not available in their local regions. 
Finance as a function is in midst of a complete reorientation. Finance is no longer a stand-alone department disconnected from the rest of the business and focused only on numbers. Finance now is an integral part of any business operation, and also has a key seat in the boardroom. Along with this, the role of a finance professional is also going through a deep change and it’s mandatory for a finance guy to be future-ready.
A lotg oes into building and running a business. Simply having a good idea for an app, product or service is not enough to develop and build out a company that can sustain itself. Technology tools and social media can provide a significant leg-up to help jumpstart your business, especially for Millennial entrepreneurs comforyable with using technology. But hacking and data breaches can cause enough stress to make even the most level-headed entrepreneur break out in a cold sweat. 
Many small business owners miss or misunderstand the power of tax credits to build their businesses. Tax deduction is something that reduces how much taxable income you claim. A tax credit is something that reduces how much tax you owe. A credit is a dollar-for-dollar benefit on your taxes, meaning that a 3,000 dollar tax credit saves you 3,000 dollar at tax time. Here are two common tax credits that many entrepreneurs simply do not know about.
In the clutter and cacophony of the digital age and its mind-numbingly vast quantity of social media platforms, it is easy to pretend we are in relationship to one another. We are not. Using these platforms, more often than not, is a lazy atteampt to look like we care and personally relate, when, in fact, we are impersonally trying to extend sales reach--the assumption being that quantity trumps quality.
Negotiating for more money when switching jobs can be an effective way to increase your salary long term. In fact, full-time workers who changed jobs experienced an increase in pay of an average of 4.5 percent compared to 3.9 percent of all full-time workers. Chyances are, you are worth more than you are making. Do not afraid to get uncomfortable and ask for what you deserve. Here are four strategies to negotiating a higher salary.
When it comes to entrepreneurship, the jury is hung. The studies and statistics are split. You can find data to support that entrepreneurship is on the rise or on the decline. The Atlantic explains entrepreneurship is flailing in America. Gallup reports new businesses are in decline. And many other said and wrote a several report of this. Studies contradicts each other bu the future is brighter than the internet thinks.
What do workouts and work have in common? Just as resting between sets maximizes your workout, it turns out that taking breaks between your work sets helps you maxizmise your productivity. And, continuing to work past the end of a set, leads to diminishing returns, risking inquiry and burnout that can carry over into the next work day, week, month or even year.
The sooner you come to view your workday as a performance, the sooner you will be able to apply mental tools to elevate your performance to championship level. Business performances are every bit as important to success as making that game-ending pitch or getting the game-winning hit. Control arousal, control success are the two major keys for giving your best performance each and every time when you are in your workplace.
If your goal is exponential growth, you should probably seriously consider equity or venture financing. In most instances, these are the financing mechanosms that work the best for hyper growth. If your are conservative, and are content with less than 5 % growth per year, you may well be growth through cash flow and don't have to worry.
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