In the Harvard Grant Study, researchers identified two things that people need in order to be happy and successful, that is, love and work ethic. And the best way to develop work ethic in young people is: A "pitch-in mindset, a mindset that syas, there's some unpleasant wokr, someone's got to do it, it might as well be me...that that's what gets you ahead in the workplace.
The notable women in the sciences are largely unknown to young girls is a glaring problem, the responsibility for which lies lasgely in the hands of our education. Lego, the Danish toy company and a brand known to millions of children and parents around the world, took one small step forward recently in bringing these remarkable women to greater awareness when it chose to feature five women who helped build America's space program as Lego toy figure.
For every thing you do in your life you have a proper system to complete that work. So, for reading a book every sing week and completing it too needs a system to complete this task. And, here are some step system which you can follow: Pick 1-3 areas that you want to optimise. Gather a list of books. Categorize them into 1-3 areas. Priorotize the order of books you want to read. Put the rest on your backlog.
The challenge that automakers and technology companies are confronting in their race to develop self-driving cars is precisely showing all the locations with evry stop sign. To have autonomous cars everywhere, the need is to have digital maps everywhere. Google's former self-driving car division has created digital maps. It creates the maps by driving aroung cars equipped with spinning lidar mounted on their roofs that shoot out laser beams, creating images of the raod and the surroundings.
Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, physicists announced avidence of a new particle. Known colloquially as the "diphoton bump," the new paticle promised to upend the Standard Model, which doesn't predict its existence. About a month later at Hungarian Academy of Sciences' Institute for Nuclear Research published a paper on a anomaly detected in the decay of beryllium-8 which could be the signature of "dark photo". New ideas are often judged for how far they lie outside of the systems that scaffold our understanding of the world.
Looking for success? Want to live a successful life? To be successful, we need to cultivate successful habits. Take it from some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs around. HABITS OF HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE Keep a strict schedule, like - Bejamin Franklin, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg. Read books to gain knowledge, like - Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates. Exercise to stay productive and creative, like - Richard Branson, Tyra Banks, Mark Cuban. Possess a strong, positive and flexible mindset, like - Sheryl Sandberg, Steve Jobs.
Mental toughness is not something you are born with, but it can be learned. Dean Yeong, entrepreneur and writer, have suggested 10 traits people with high mental toughness have in common: Delayed gratification Never seek for permission Focus on the fundamentals Consistency Self awareness See things as what they really are Optimism Embrace uncertainity Willingness to learn and expand To improve mental strength invest 80% of your energy and time to structuring your mindset, move out of the comfort zone, exrecise and be around mentally tough people.  
In a world filled with ever increasing competition don't become obsessed with what your competitors are doing, instead figure out what makes you different. Chose for a much brighter, more open and simply a smarter way to do business. There are some suggestion you can look for that what makes you different to your competitors: Get clear about who your competitors actually are.  Check out your competitors website. Go to your competitors places of business. Talk to your suppliers. Do a google search Call some of their customers. Do not use these suggestions in a negative way.
Harika Dronavalli, have won quite a number of world championship awards but have not earned fame though! She recently won a bronze medal in Wolrd Women's Chess Championship at Tehran. This 26year old Indian Grandmaster competed against 64 of the top women chess players from around the world and made it ot the top three. Harika had won bronze medals at earlier championships in Khanty-Mansyisk in 2012 and Sochi in 2015. This hyderabad girl has also won the World Juniour in 2008 and the Commonwealth Games Women in 2010. Harika had the honour of recieving Arjuna Award in 2008.
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