At present, India’s Food and Beverage Industry might be a vibrant and thriving scene, but it is also famously fickle and highly competitive. Unless you have something to offer that catches the eye of the patron, high chances are that you will have trouble standing out from the crowd. Even if your restaurant kicks off to a great start, new competitors might come into the market and blemish the game for you by taking away your clients.
Most entrepreneurs are so busy building a product that they miss building a company.These are some of the principles to follow: Opportunity to create something, Have a shot at becoming a millionaire, Bringing order to chaos, Taking ownership, Enjoy freedom responsibly, Direct access to leadership, Thrive in a non-political environment, Learn, fail, succeed, repeat, Try something you’ve never done before
Ex and Current Employee's of Swiggy come out in the open and talk about the malpractices of the startup. Swiggy is blamed to bleed out restaurants, low grade service to consumers, unethical employment practices, cheating low grade employee of the salary and perks. They also have been lying consistency to the investors about the growth and the falsified data for all the media report.
Federer won his record eighth Wimbledon. Then he gave some sage advice for all of us in his post match interview. In just five words, Roger Federer gave brilliant advice on how to be extraordinary.
In giving the commencement address at the University of Southern California's graduation ceremony a few years back, Elon Musk told the fresh, new graduates to focus on signal over noise. He implored them ti focus only on those things that would improve the businesses they soon would be working for.
The  founding  father of neuroscience , Santigo Ramon y Cajal , addresses ways in which talented individuals keep themselves from their own greatness in a chapter titled "disease of will" in his book "ADVICE FOR A YOUNG INVESTIGATIOR" *CONTEMPLATORS : This group of peeps are those who love  the study for the beauty of the study. *BIBLIOPHILES AND POLYGLOTS : This group of people who use their depth of knowledge not for advancment of anyone thing in society, but rather to enlarge their own personal vanity. *MEALOMANIACS : people who are gifted with talent , motivation and vision but are cursed with arroganceand expectations. *INSTRUMENT ADDICTS :Who have fetishistic worship od resarch instruments. *MISFITS : Instead of being abnormal , misfits are simply unfortunate individuals who havehad work unsuited to their normal attitude. *THEORISTS : lazy person masquerading as a deligite one .
Starting in 1939 a team of scientists began tracking 268 male Havard students, gathering extensive data about their mental and ohysical health every year up to the present day. It provieds some of the strongest evidence yet what constitute a truly happy life. Learn the two big lessons from this biggest happiness study ever conducted.
Facebook revealed today at its F8 conference that the company has had 60 engineers working on a brian-computer interface that will let you type words merely by thinking them. The technology won't eavesdrop on the thoughts you do not want to share, but will capture the words you think of speaking without speaking them out loud.
After 1300 AD in next 600 years, a bunch of investors and engineers creating the internal combustion engine and it became automated- Mobile. People could travel more in same time. There are more cab drivers today than carriage drivers 200 years ago. Now the next wave of automation is catching up. Engineers are the new cab drivers building software and hardware that drives the car.
Last week, facebook launched an updated version of its AI assistant, M, which is now empowered to suggest Messenger features as users exchange messages. The chatbot has been converted to engine for in-conversation suggestions related to the conversation taking place. In M's new form, there is a wealth of possiblity for the assisstant to claim, if the Facebook team makes the right moves.
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