Mumbai-based Zicom Electronic Systems, founded by Pramoud Rao, is an electronic security management company that builds ATM surveillance products and other security apps. It was the 1980s and fax machines were changing the way business was done. Though the technology had been around for a long time, it became cheap during this period, and the technological advancement caught the business world by storm.
On one hand, you have competent women who have chosen to contribute to society both by bringing new citizens into the world, and also by using their intellect and talent to further the businesses in which they are active. On the other hand, you have business owners who need to make sure that the needs of their businesses are met with the same unflagging commitment and undying energy that they imagine a working mother will bring to bear on her child.
FOr any organizational transformation effort to succeed discipline and accountability must become the bedrock of the culture. How do determined young men become navyu SEALs? How do elite atheletes achieve peak performance? One word for of these is: Discipline. They cut out everything in their lives that do not add value to fulfiling their goals - the people, behaviors and distractions that drwan them further from greatness.
Though we sacrifice much in the name of success, deep down we desire something more meaningful -- a grnuine sense of purpose and fulfilment. It is possible to experience this sesne of purpose without giving up the pursuit of success. How? By serving others. A big misconception about giving back is that it requires a substantial investment of time or significant contribution of money.
When you think of innovation, genuises like Thomas Edison, who labored day in and day out to create new ideas and products, probably come to mind. Or Einstein, who had such incredible insights based on his experience and experiments. Based on these examlpes, it can seem that innovation must spring from deeo experience, and so, when you start to create a new product or service, you should invite in the experts.
YOu put in extra hours, nail the project and the client tells you in a passive-aggressive email that is not what he wanted. You are scheduled to deliver the morning keynote and traffic is at a standstill. After collecting her Christmas bonus, your star employee takes a job with your biggest competitor. Even if you love what you do, chances are there are parts of it that stress you out.
Good news is easier to deliver. Bad news -- to employees, when layoffs might be imminent, or cuts need to be made... or to teammates, when work woudl not be completed on time, or commitments would not be met... or customers, when delivers will be late, or high expectations may not be met -- is much tougher to deliver. That is why many companies, and many people, fall back on "corporate" methods of communicating.
"State of Employee Engagement" survey, which captures live data from hundreds of thousands of answers from employees all over the world about what they believe leads to an awesome employee experience. The whole premise for this surevey -- or any other employee engagement tool -- is predicated on cok=mpanies having good leadership in place to trigger discretionary effort in their employees. A result-oriented workplace with a grwat culture and bottom-line impact just can not happen without it.
If you have ever done an internet search on the term comfort zone, you will find statements like this: Life only begins at the edge of your comfort zone, nothing good ever grew in a comfort zone or if you are not outside your comfort zone, you are not learning aything. In other words, comfort zones get a really bad rap. But is it really true that nothing good ever comes from being in your comfort zone?
Are you getting plenty of traffic but not converting many customers on your e-commerce site? Generating traffic to your e-commerce sire is only the first step. If your conversions are low, it is time to analyze your website and the conversion funnel and make some improvements. Let is take a look ar a few ways to do this. Understanding what is wrong with your optimization strategy is crucial for your business.
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