Lately, we keeo hearing about the impact of virtual reality on shopping and retail. Whether it is a virtual reallity fashion show or vistual changing rooms, or even the world's first virtual reality department store, virtual reality is enjoying a wild ride at the moment. But far less is known about how virtual reality is changing retail shopping behine the scenes. FOrward-thinking businesses are using virtual reality today to improve "shopability".
Voracious readers, grammarians, wordsmiths and trivia masters may have an advantage wheb it comes to stay mentally young, at least if they do something with their skill every day. Researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School and Kings College London crunched online data provided by more than 17,000 people older then 50 and found a correlation between doing word puzzles and improves cognitive performance.
The word "amateur" usually has a bad connotation when you are describing people you work with. You may have heard someone angrily utter phrases to describe an unprofessional situation. But if you take a look at the etymology of the word, you will find it actually has a positive meaning. The Freach word "amateur" is someone who has a "love of" or "taste for" something. Here are five good reasons to embrace your inner amateur.
As Tech Will Save Us says on their fully-funded Kickstarter page, "65 percent of children in school now will ahve jobs that have not been invented yet. The best way to prepare them is to spark their interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) principle early." This innovative toy company has launched a suite of three play dough and electronics-based kits and a new app called "dough universe" for children as young as age four.
Amid all of the methods for boosting your productivity, little can help more than getting a good night's rest -- a goal that is particularly elusive during the dog days of summer. To help beat the heat here are five minor adjustments that can have a major impact on your ability to both fall asleep, even when the temperature ticks up outside.
If you rely on public transportation to get you to work and then back home again, you may be feeling so very over it. From New York to Washington, DC, it has been a trying time for commuters. Which is not to say that driving in gridlock is a pleasant experience.
You scour job sites every night. Send in resi=ume after resume. And finally get the call for an interview. It is natural to focus on making sure your appearance, presentation and elevator pitch are on point and that you do not forget your interviewer's name as you walk into an office for your big moment, but do not forget to look around.
For women entrepreneurs, the no makeup trends represents a potentially intriguing shift in workplace culture. Recording superstar Alicia Keys jumped on board many months ago saying, in essence, that it was liberating when she wore no makeup to a red carpet event last August.
Goldman Sachs, the fifth largest US bank, has unbuttoned its dress code to help attract and retain tech talent. According to an internal memo, employees in its technology division now may dress down and "exercise judgement in determining when to adapt to business attire."
If you are trying to build or maintain a relationship with the people you email, then there are a few things you need to know for avoiding your emails from gooing into trash. Like every thing have a technique how to bound your relationships, while emailing also you need to apply some techniques. Like you should never say a goodbye in your mails.
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