In 1825, India was the world’s biggest economy, accounting for 25 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP). According to Pai, these are some of the factors that will help India increase its market size by 10x or 15x - credit without friction (loans disbursed in 30 minutes), new-age travel platforms like Ola and Uber digitising the ecosystem and creating a large number of jobs, and Indians embracing smartphones.
Montreal’s Galerie NuEdge on Sherbrooke Street showcases a wide range of contemporary art – from photographs and paintings to sculpture and Murano vases. For over 15 years, the gallery has served local and international corporate markets. Featured artists and photographers in the gallery include Eduard Gurevich, Mario Brassard, Irene Gretchanaia, Lois Greenfield, Marilyn Minter, Greg Lotus, and Mark Show – some of whom are highlighted in this photo essay.  
India’s consumer market is primarily driven by a population with rising disposable income, comprising of a growing middle-class segment and a relatively large affluent class. An efficient, effective branding campaign and customer service revolving around consumer understanding and need help in providing proper differentiation for brands in a cluttered marketplace. It also creates a common goal for the company towards aligning its operations, personnel, and marketing initiatives.  
Designing an airplane has long been an exercise in tradeoffs. A larger airplane with more powerful engines can hold more people and go farther, but is costlier to run. A smaller one is more cost efficient, but lacks capacity. For decades, these have been nearly invioable constraints that manufacturers just had to live with. Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner is different. It did not just redesigned the airplane, it redesigned the materials that go in it.
No one would intentionally share a marketing document it they knew that its content would tarnish their public image. A resume is essentially a type of personal marketing collateral. So why settle for something that compromises your personal brand? So, why are your resume are embarrassing you? What can help you to send a better resume, that does not ruin your public image. Here is how you can do that.
In your hung for potential investors, you are bound to run into a few bad eggs. They easily stick out and we have all met them and most of them do not even know they suck -- no one tells them. You have also come across great investors. They are responsive, helpful, and when they "pass" you are still excited to send them other oppotunities. They ask that insightful question you have never heard before.
Whether you are a marketer, a business owner, a freelancer, an influencer, here you are getting a challenge : Begin thinking of social media more like a conference and less like a cold call. In addition to the sales, marketing and advertising potential, the true value of social media networks is networking. You cannot believe this? But that is the truth! See what are the mistakes are made these days by the new comers.
Mentally scroll to the end of your life. What will be your biggest regrets? The statistics are there, thanks to researchers who have asked the question. Top regrets tend to center on relationships ans work, although people describe their regret about relationships more strongly than their jobs andother nonsocial parts of their lives. According to Neal Roese, professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, who conducted research on the subject.
You have got more responsiblities on your plate than you know how to wrap around your fork. Every minute counts. But did you know that procrastinating is futile? well yes that is possibel you believe it or not. There is one anti-procrastination hack that can streamline and improve your life. For most of us, everyday jobs, your are better off commiting to the finish as soon as you start.
If you are old or you are new employee in a company, this one thing is very important for both. If you are old employee you must be thinking you have served your company for such long that you have your job secured with them. And the new employees try their best to make their space in the company for longer time. But, you should always be prepared ofr getting fired.
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