UrbanClap Solves local needs in Clap :UrbanClap is a platform to make our urban lives more fulfilling and to solve our needs in a clap. Hence the name, UrbanClap. UrbanClap enables users find any service professional like a plumber, a wedding photographer, a yoga teacher or an interior designer. It is a service marketplace aimed at the Indian market whose purpose is only to connect service professionals with customers at large scale. It currently operates in 16 cities per region and it has around 300 employees and more than 65,000 professionals enlisted. UrbanClap helps people find the right service professionals for activities important to customers whether they are looking to decorate their home, get candid pictures of wedding, get doorbell repaired, plan kid’s birthday or get healthier, they are a sure shot destination for service needs. Their vision is to use technology and smart processes to structure the highly unorganized services market in India and emerging markets. UrbanClap aspires to make hiring a service professional as easy and straightforward as eCommerce companies have made buying products that people can afford.

About the Founder(s)

Varun Khaitan and Abhiraj Bhal, co-founders of UrbanClap met over a decade ago at IIT Kanpur. Post their graduation in electrical engineering in 2009, both migrated to the US to work. Khaitan had short stints at Qualcomm and the Boston Consulting Group before returning to India in November 2013. Coincidentally Bhal, who turned 30 last year, also returned around the same time. At a point of time both decided to quit their jobs at the US office of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to find a place in the then rising wave of Indian start-ups. The decision took their families by surprise. After all, they were yet to find an answer to the most important question – ‘What was the start-up idea?’

In early 2014, the two founded Cinema Box, a service which helped travelers stream movies on their smartphones while on a train, bus or airplane through Wi-Fi. While Bhal and Khaitan wanted a tech co-founder, in another part of the world Chandra was looking for a business co-founder. A mutual friend brought them together. The three of them pooled in Rs10 lakh each to set up UrbanClap, which was incorporated in December 2014. The idea was to redefine how local services and servicemen were being hired in India. The founders saw opportunity in the broken system of how the country connected with various service providers.

Story of the Company

Bhal’s experiences made them realize that even in 2014, hiring local service providers was actually extremely hard and difficult whether it is a reliable plumber or a reliable yoga trainer or a reliable wedding photographer. This realization led to the formation of UrbanClap, which would soon become India’s largest online services platform. The name UrbanClap wasn’t the first choice of the founders, who almost spent Rs2 lakh to buy the domain Among names such as Prowaala, Ovalslate, Worthyfit, Prodiary, Protrumpet, Joystation, Servemonk, UrbanClap emerged the winner. The company began with a vision of going beyond being a mere search and discovery platform by building a business model that encompasses on-boarding service providers, training them, managing quality control while at the same time giving users the assurance of standardized services and prices on a platform where they could make payments and write reviews. UrbanClap, which currently lists 107 services, started by listing services that had a higher ticket size experiential categories such as wedding photographers, yoga trainers, interior designers, dietitians.

At the time when UrbanClap began its journey, hyperlocal firms such LocalOye and Timesaverz were already operational. Timesaverz had raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding in 2014. Other companies such as Housejoy, Zimmber, Taskbob, Spini and BookMeIn were also launched during 2014. These companies are among the top 10 funded hyper-local services start-ups. UrbanClap grew fast and soon caught the eye of investors. Within six months of building the product, it received a seed funding commitment in January 2015. Bhal says that, “SAIF Partners told me that they would cut a cheque for us of $1 million, we were thinking – wow are they seriously going to do that”. Since UrbanClap earns per transaction and not by advertising vendors on its platform, Bhal says the company is chasing a large profit pool, which makes it a lucrative investment option.


High Quality and trusted Professionals, they provide only verified ,  background checked and high quality professionals. It matches to the needs  with the right professionals with the right budget . The delivery is hassle free. It is super convienient guranteed service from booking to delivery.


UrbanClap is also known for its hard and smart working team, which they consider as one of their significant achievement. A team that is determined to achieve success. Employer has also played a vital role for creating such environment. One such appreciable initiative is their referral program where they encourage the existing employees to refer their friends to join in.

In 2016, UrbanClap acquired Delhi-based GoodService Labs Pvt. Ltd.

The company has also raised Series C funding that makes the total funding amount to $60.7 Million, Vy Capital was the lead investor, in just a short span of around four years.

These achievements account for the fact that UrbanClap is one of the most successful and most funded marketplace for home services.

Company Goals

Here we come Dubai!!! Yes you heard it right. The company had headed towards Dubai and has landed safely. UrbanClap has made its international debut successfully. But the co-founder does not claim this as an ‘international expansion’. He says “We don’t see it as an international expansion but a strategic entry into the global city that is close that is close to India”.

It is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 49% during 2017-2021 – the forecast period.

Recently, during the month of May 2018, Swedish home furnishing brand IKEA announced it’ll be partnering with UrbanClap as the furniture assembly partner in Hyderabad. This will be IKEA’s first Indian store spread over 4,00,000 sq. ft. area planned to launch this summer.


Urbanclap is the best for all the local servies. If their services continue at the current speed, then soon URBANCLAP will be synonymous for any home help or local service.So this was our article on UrbanClap Solves local needs in Clap. I hope you liked it. Do share your views in the comments section below. The fastest growing startup in India.  They are mobile marketplace for local services. they help customers hire trusted professionals for all their services needs.


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