The growth and development factors of a company lie in the hands of its employees. Gone are the days when everything used to be dependent upon the entrepreneur himself, his decisions, his policies and everything else that comes along. Efficient employees and workers have lately become the one and only key to success these days. As goes the study of business, efficiency can only be triggered by good incentives. But what if the incentives too prove out to be an unrealistic and unreliable bid?

The efficiency and effectiveness of the employees would suffer a lot eventually which in itself is the entrepreneur’s biggest challenge. Here comes a new technology which has the ability to help him out – iSOS.


Holding a September 2016 inception, iSOS is a start-up company which was founded by Anil Rana, Arshdeep Brar and Gourav Arora in Mohali, Punjab. As its full form ‘integrated smart office solutions’ suggests, this company offers a technology that helps track office employees in real time. It comprises of a very small employee strength barely touching 15 and a $5 million capital investment which was completely raised in 2017 from a US-based entrepreneur Nitin Khanna.


It was started with a grant from international SOS in 2011.iSOS is an in-house solution to keep employees away from loafing around unnecessarily, be it inside office or outside office at tea stalls, cafés, etc. It was developed as a comprehensive productivity tool which over time acquired more and thus, now comes with visitor management, cashless transactions, record attendance and many more.
Anil Rana, in one of his recent interviews, shared how he thought of starting this venture. The need for real time productivity management and employee tracking in today’s corporate sector came up as his inspiration. He even shared about the initial challenges he had to face.


iSOS was initially set to operate on GPS technology but due to privacy concerns of people and legal understanding of the subject, the idea had to be dropped. It took his team a lot of time to come up with a replacement – the Beacon technology. Beacon is just a small device which emits Bluetooth rays till a range of 70m and helps in tracking. Beacon was considered the most appropriate option as it eliminates all barriers of privacy violations and all other possible complications.
Other than all the mind-blowing features listed above, it has another something to offer which is a competitively low price. Most of the clients of iSOS are small firms due to which its costs are not that high as well. The overall cost however depends upon the features, human resources and the extra specifications, if required by the clients. iSOS clientele is fast-growing according to its latest blogs with clients ranging from the healthcare sector to the education sector.


iSOS is already among the fastest growing start-ups in India and continues to grow till date. It boasts of providing about 80% of the services required by every company and still focuses on providing even better services so that their product is able to gain more attention and ends up with box usability.


It plans on raising more capital once it is through with its primary focus. In the business of saving and protecting lives from more than 1,000 locations in 90 countries. 11,000 employees led by 5,200 mediccal professionals service multinational companies , governmets and NGO’s globally. They believe in making it easier for organisations to work  and grow on an international scale.  They tend to protects people and help them grow their business and mitigate the risks of health and security which could be faced by them. Their prevention  is the the goal and to consult them whenever they need. Focuses on health , sfety and security risks linked to global mobility.


It educates and provides information to workers and contractors, employers and governments on risks. It strengthen corporate social responsibility in areas in proximity to worksites. It develops international instrument for risk mitigation and disseminate information on risks in a variety of formats.


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