Flock Inc. is one of the many rapidly growing start-ups of India. Founded by tech entrepreneur Bhavin Turakhia back in 2014, Flock is basically a messaging and collaboration tool designed specifically for various teams, so that they are enabled to track their work. It not only supports English but even comes in other languages such as Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. It supports iOS, Android, Windows and the Web too.

BIt allows its users to configure external applications and integrations from the Flock App Store and then receive notifications and updates directly in Flock. It follows a ‘freemium’ pricing model which means that the service is provided free of cost but money is charged for premium or proprietary features.



Turakhia wanted to become an entrepreneur since his teenage and to realize this dream, he pursued commerce in college. Eventually in 1998 he, along with his brother Divyank launched his first company. Years passed by and his love for technology started to rise. He realized that team communication had become a stagnant space as there had been no significant change over the past decade in the way teams communicated at work. Therefore, he tested and developed a number of messaging apps and on being totally convinced by the experiment results, he came up with Flock in 2014.


Flock’s funding comprises of an initial capital investment of $20 million followed by another $25 million in 2017, both the investments made by the founder and CEO Turakhia. Currently, Flock boasts of nearly 250 employees and even has plans of inducting more talent from all the countries it carries out its operations in, such as India, Brazil, US, UK, Russia, Australia, Canada and Spain. Flock goes on to boast about powering 25,000 companies worldwide along with an increased productivity of 30%, reduced emails and in-person meetings of 50%. Some big well-established clients of Flock are Accenture, Victorinox, Tim Hortons and Whirlpool among others.
No start-up becomes a success immediately after its birth. So let us try to know how Flock faced all its ups and downs and became what it is today.


Another reason of launching Flock according to him is that he feels this sector of the industry has 99% untapped potential which makes it easy to capture a good share out of it.
He shared in a recent interview that Flock had no external investors as no one believed that this start-up will actually perform well in the near future. As a consequence, he had to take charge as the lead investor himself for two investment rounds discussed earlier. Flock had to face many challenges which include convincing the clients to rely on a real-time teamwork oriented messaging tool rather than email or informal messaging apps such as Skype and WhatsApp.


On assessing its activities keenly, we get to know that after its inception in 2014 with a $20 million market capitalization it continuously increased the level of its services and operations due to which it was able to increase its users manifold by the end of 2016. In March 2017, the founder infused in another $25 million to drive product innovation and global expansion which is currently on the go as Flock is adding near about 2,000 teams to its user base every week.  It is a faster way for your team to communicate , to discuss projects , share ideas and make decision faster.


It is a convenient , real time and makes communication seamless and easy . It has helped make faster decisions, and increased the speed of execution.A message from Turakhia for all aspiring entrepreneurs reads – never compromise on the quality of talent you hire and secondly, the definition for a successful business is creating more value for the customer than you seek from them. We here at The Start-up Today wish Flock an even brighter future!


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