Numerous start-ups these days are entering the fin-tech industry as it is flourishing at a very fast rate, at least in India. But as economics guides us, a perfectly competitive market such as the one we’re currently talking about brings in a whole new load of challenges which are to be faced by the entrepreneurs boldly, or otherwise they may lead to complete devastation of the business. Moreover, with more and more companies entering this industry rapidly, it automatically becomes difficult for new start-ups to gain a good image and make the most from the market. Recently, we published an article about CashE, which is a loan providing fin-tech app providing all its clients with much needed loans and financial help. Today, we’re back with the story of another firm from the same industry – EzCred.


EzCred is basically a new age technology-cum-company-cum-product that wants to reach out to all sorts of borrowers out there, in particular the ones who are looking for consumer loans. It is a tech-based consumer lending platform which even matches borrowers with potential lenders, so as to create easy transactions for its clientele. EzCred is one of the start-ups that follow a completely new concept and strategy to enter the market which makes it quite vulnerable to competition but even gives it an upper hand in the form of ‘first mover advantage’.


Founded in January 2017 Sachin Maheshwari and Amiya Pathak in Bengaluru.

Sachin Maheshwari, a student of of B. Tech Computer Sc. Engineering,  graduated from IIT Kanpur in the year 1998. He completed his MBA in Finance from The Wharton School Philadelphia in 2006. He started as a Software Engineer in EFI and later was promoted as the Project Manager at the same firm. He is known for his valuable experience in the field by working and managing companies such as Zephyr Peacock, Metro Global Pte Ltd., 20Cube Logistics, GingerSoft Media Pvt Ltd., TopChalks, Attero Recycling Pvt Ltd., Draper Fisher Jurveston, Opus Capital, Friends for Youth, Boston Consulting Group, Unimobile Inc.

Amiya Pathak, also a student of B. Tech Computer Sc. Engineering,  graduated from IIT Kanpur in the year 1998. He also completed MBA from IIM Calcutta in 2000. He is known for his role as the Director and Platform Engineer at Zapak and later for building the first version of Zipdial platform single-handedly (with a broken arm).


EzCred already boasts of having about 20 most talented employees and a whopping $15.5k capital investment which it raised in 2017 itself in one round of investment led by Akash Garg from Uber along with 6 other investors. After being founded in January 2017, EzCred caught the pace on its growth and on May 19, 2017 it raised a funding amount of $1Million as seed round. Earlier in an interview with Economic Times the co-founder Sachin Maheshwari had said “We were very clear that strategically we wanted to be in a place no one person can control the consumer so online did not make sense to us because you have to go either with Flipkart or Amazon. When you partner with an ecommerce platform  you are beholden to them because they control the customer. On the other hand, customer acquisition cost is very high when you build on you own.”

Sachin further adds “Offline is a much larger play than online. A majority of transactions are still done offline.”. Hence, the company has maintained a balance between its online and offline consumers.



Next comes the question what is so new about EzCred’s market concept and strategy? In today’s world, where e-commerce is already getting the better of offline stores with big conglomerates such as Amazon and Flipkart focusing all their attention on attracting more and more people to shop online, a major part of EzCred’s target group lies in the offline consumers. Maheshwari, the co-founder of EzCred shared recently that he and his IIT mate Amiya wanted to create something where no one can control the consumer. This is why EzCred shifted its target group from online to offline consumers as even today, most of the transactions take place offline.


It has even developed its own credit assessment system which enables it to judge its clients’ loan repayment capabilities. EzCred’s prime focus is providing its clientele with a shopping experience that is delivered by e-commerce firms, offline. In just eight months of operations, EzCred has achieved what many other start-ups usually fail to. It plans on inclusion of new employees and further capital investment in the near future. Moreover, with a major lot of start-ups focusing on the e-commerce industry today, EzCred already has an upper hand over all of them!



Currently, the service is only available through sales agents in offline stores (only the ones who have a tie-up with EzCred). It provides small loans to consumers in the form of Easy Monthly Instalments (EMI). It may seem as if it must be a time-consuming process because it is done at the store by a single agent, but the truth is that the entire process takes minutes and is completely digitalized. EzCred plans on rolling out its own app soon so that it can account for various sorts of transactions in real time.



It has multiple lenders , the icreased borrower spectrum coverage. The large underwriting capability take the minds towards it. They make it easy for business to offer credit to thier customers with fast , integrated and paperless solution. Overall it aspires to CHANGE THE CONSUMER CREDIT MARKETPLACE.


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