In today’s world, gadgets, electronics, robots are driving people crazy as these are ridiculously addictive and are capable of killing all sorts of initiative, hard work potential and everything that comes with these. Moreover, people face other problems as well, for example, family problems, monetary problems and what not. Such things have lately started to give rise to various sorts of mental conditions, psychological defects and depressions in people.

Healthcare industry in India is already flourishing more and more every year which makes entering it a bit difficult for new entrepreneurs, but a group of them identified this mental health situation well and converted their idea into a start-up called Juno Clinic.

Juno Clinic is basically an online platform that helps people get online counselling for all sorts of emotional and psychological problems such as anxiety, relationship counselling, addiction, bipolar disorders, etc. from the best therapists and psychologists out there.


It was launched in January 2016 in Mumbai by Arun Kumar, Anuraag Srivastava and Davesh Manocha, who now have a team of about 50 people working for their company. The company was able to raise $1.2 million in March 2017 from a set of four investors, led by Atul Nishar from Hexaware Technologies.


It is a comprehensive mental wellness clinic . They provide counselling and treatment for any kind of psycological or psychiatric issue. The team consists of psychologists and psychiatrists each of whom has significant experieence and specialisation in tackling issues such as depression , anxiety, relationship conflicts, child behavioural or develpoment issues, addictionetc. Its clinics are in Mumbai and in addition all the therapists also provide online counselling through video and audio consultation. Clients can choose among various therapists , schedule appointments and have private , secure and comfortable online carethrough video, chat or audio.


Its objective is to cure the mental illness hampering the lives of the huge % of population.Despite the fact that most of the mental issues are treatable with afordable and safe treatments most people do not recieve these treatments . This coud be because of both the social stigma attcached to meeting a mental health practitioner and lack of access to quality health care providers. It aims to make counselling more accessible through online therapy.

People who face mental health issues always try to find psychologists as far as possible so that they don’t run into a known by any chance. This is the opportunity which was identified by the founders and eventually, Juno was born, said Manocha in a recent interview. He feels that the problem and the solution were already present in the scenario; much needed was a platform to provide this solution to the one facing problem(s).


Today, Juno Clinic is able to draw demand from various parts of the country, non-metro and small cities in particular as according to some healthcare reports, about 85% psychologists are based in the metro cities of the country. Juno conducts sessions for its clients in both audio and video formats which make it easily accessible, effective and helpful at the same time. In addition to this, Juno even provides its Mumbai clients with a physical base in the form of three therapy centres located in the city. Currently, Juno is planning to extend their physical base to cities like Delhi and Bengaluru by the end of this or the next year.


One challenge that these start-ups usually face is convincing customers to believe that the services they provide are quite effective and helpful. Juno founders believe that in today’s modern world, this is not actually a very big challenge as people in India are modernization driven now. This further means that people these days are assiduous enough to understand that online therapies are as good as their counterparts. Moreover, online therapy system ensures a whopping 100% privacy which is the most found issue among patients these days.

But this doesn’t mean that they do not need to convince their clients regarding anything. There still remains a very big obstacle in the way – cyber attacks and data leaks. According to Manocha, all the audios and videos on Juno are completely encrypted which means that data leak is a long lost possibility. Secondly, the sessions are totally confidential between the therapist and the patient and even the people working at Juno don’t know what’s going on in those sessions as data security and patient confidentiality is their very first concern.Juno, of course doesn’t wish for more people to land them self into mental health issues but it wants to reach out to all those who are currently facing these problems. It plans to raise more finance and extend its clientele by the end of this year.


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