Visakhapatnam is one of the 100 fastest growing cities in the world. With a GDP of $26 billion, Visakhapatnam provides the perfect environment for a startup to grow. With the establishment of Sunrise Startup Village, an incubation centre and Fintech Valley tower, the city has seen several startups in the past couple of years.

In March 2016, Software industry lobby group Nasscom opened a facility for startups in Visakhapatnam, where entrepreneurs with innovative ideas from the technological field will be nurtured, mentored and also funded. The deal emerged as a strategic partnership with the government of Andhra Pradesh. Nasscom aims to establish a robust start-ups community and culture in the state which influences innovation in technology to further help the society. Nasscom signed an in-principle agreement with the Andhra Pradesh government for its 10,000 startups initiative in Visakhapatnam. Similar warehouses have been setup in Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kochi, Navi Mumbai and Pune.

Let’s take a look at some of the most innovative startups emerging from the city if Visakhaptnam:


Advoge is a one-step monetization tool for bloggers and websites. Founders Varun Satyam and Vajahaath Hussain want Advoge to be the first choice solution of content brewers for monetization by acting as a facilitator and aggregator between merchants, affiliates and ad promoters, thus creating a massive revenue system for the content brewers and themselves.
When blogs were first written, there was no idea of making business out of it but later bloggers thought of generating revenues through blogs. Major sources of revenue came through ad trafficking and subscribers. These ads are often considered annoying and irrelevant to the blogs. Advoge wanted to solve the problem of these ads. They sought after an idea to generate more income than the previous methods as well as solve the issue of ads.



Kalpah is an Ophthalmic R&D startup. With a vision to eradicate blindness by making use of technology, the team has developed a software to detect glaucoma just by making use of retinal images. They are currently working on stroke analysis algorithm that analyses the retinal picture to understand if the person is prone to cardiac or cerebral stroke. Also, the team is using advanced technologies like Deep Learning, Big Data and Image Processing for the same.
Udaya Yayati, a Bio-medical engineer started Kalpah in 2014, and it was awarded as one of most ‘Innovative Startups’ in the state of Andhra Pradesh by the Chief Minister of the state.




WE SHIP GURU is an online service to connect transporters and shippers at a common market place and provides an equal opportunity to all transportation sectors as a whole and encourages competitive business which will ultimately help the shipper. It also provides hassle-free services to avoid the complexity in using the portal.
Shippers receive brisk and competitive bids from hundreds of reliable transporters across the country for free. WE SHIP GURU is an efficient, reliable and cost-effective way to schedule and transport your goods at ease. Shippers also have the ease of finding an empty slot in various trucks and thus bid for the slot.
Transporters can search for shipments across the country and thus have an opportunity for unlimited bidding during the subscription period and take a step towards a lean business model. WE SHIP GURU offers its customers a chance to make 10 times of their subscription fee with no frills, failure at which we refund or re-subscribing to the next term will be free of cost. Transporters can also avail various other services like posting a load, posting an empty slot, etc.




CMS In A Box offers SaaS, a hosted cloud content management system, is available on a subscription basis.

HIGHLY CONFIGURABLE SOLUTION – It has built-in administrative tools for content configuration and process management.

HOSTED CONTENT – It’s a SaaS CMS which stores a client’s content in a secure, world-class data center. Clients can access their content via the Web anytime.

HANDS-OFF MAINTENANCE – The software and hardware are maintained by CMSinabox’s IT staff on an ongoing basis.



Mahardhi is a partnership firm that currently operates Vizag Venues and Vizag Property management. Both of these are currently fully developed and in their marketing phase. Marvell Events has a ready working prototype with an aim to get communities to share, promote & invite participants to events using internet. Marvell Events has a global scope where companies access functions to give sponsorship with lower budget and get higher brand image.

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