The Financial Capital of India, Mumbai has seen the rise of many startups over the past year. Here are a few startups from Mumbai which have caught our attention:

An alumnus of Mumbai-based accelerator Venture Nursery, was started with a vision of building ‘intelligence’, that can help humans in solving complex problems at a much faster pace. The startup provides advanced AI tools that developers can use to build robots that can assist professionals from different fields in their tasks. It is one of the first Indian startups to make it to the list of international innovators, Paris & Co, a French innovation agency.
Vinay Kumar Sankararapu and Deekshith Marla found The startup made news in 2015 for announcing the global launch of ‘Braid’, an Open Source tool to build intelligence quickly into systems. Braid is being offered free and open source to companies that use research scientists and technologists developing neural networks. The startup’s success got its founders, Vinay Kumar Sankararapu and Deekshith Marla selected to the first ever Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ Asia list. Recently, the startup has raised a seed funding of $750k.



Boltt is a brand of sports wearable. Building a diverse fitness ecosystem of smart bands, smart shoes, and custom wireless headphones, Boltt is looking to cater to the white space currently present in the wearable domain with its wide range of products and solution.
Arnav Kishore and Aayushi Kishore found Boltt, which recently received a funding of $1.7 million. The startup’s meticulous Artificial Intelligence Reinventing successfully complements the software part of the fitness gadgets space. Its products are an impressive combination of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Health Coach and various advanced fitness wearable.
The startup was in the news last year when it showcased its ‘smart shoes’ or the ‘smart sneakers’ at TechCrunch’s TechDisrupt event in San Francisco.




Thinkphi is a clean-tech company that has a goal of developing products based on three pillars of sustainability – waste, water, and energy. Using the principles of environmental science and sustainable design, the startup designs simple but intelligent products that help in improving lives on Earth by influencing behavioral change in the way humans manage water, energy, and waste resources available to them.
Samit Choksi and Priya Vakil Choksi found Thinkphi in the year 2015. The company’s first product — Ulta Chata, is an inverted canopy like structure that provides potable water by capturing rain water during the monsoon and solar energy for the rest of the year. Each unit has the capability to harvest and filter up to 100,000 liters during the rainy season and a maximum solar capacity of 1.5KW.




Mumbai based WizRocket is a user behavior analysis & targeting tool startup. It can be used to engage with the loyal users on the site via web messages, or to reach out to lost users via email campaigns. It sends a push notification to people who’ve abandoned shopping cart on the mobile app, or even to thank users who’ve made a purchase on that day via in-app notifications.
Anand Jain, Sunil Thomas and Suresh Kondamudi teamed up to start this company in May 2013 and they were able to raise a funding of $1.6 million, thanks to Accel Partners.



Mumbai-based startup, Niffler is a mobile application that helps users discover deals and discounts from their favorite brands as soon as they go live. The firm helps find deals from offline merchants across categories including food and drinks, spas and salons, apparel and home décor. Brands like Zara, Forever 21, and Shoppers Stop have had their ‘End of Season Sales’ featured on Niffler. Since 2014, there has been 30,000+ traction which has increased the app’s presence in top 5 cities of the country i.e. Mumbai, Pune, Delhi-NCR, Bangalore and Hyderabad.
The company was founded in the year 2014 by Edu Patel, Prince Arora and Viraj Shah. Saif partners invested $1 million in the company in 2015.

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