In our series of ‘Rising stars from the cities’, we take a look at some of the most promising startups arsing from Bhubaneswar and the state of Odisha.
Here are five of the most interesting startups from Bhubaneswar;

Veggie Kart

Veggikart focuses on delivering 100% fresh garden produce right at the doorstep of its customers on any day. The startup is very user friendly and only takes a couple of taps to work with.Beneficial to both producers and consumers, this e-commerce platform started by K. C. Mishra has brought a cheer to the denizens. Delivery to the consumer is made through Veggie Wheels and Veggie Mart after careful weighing, sorting, grading and packaging according to the need. Another addition to this venture is the provision started at 6 locations where the veggie carts will be stalled for an hour, so that one can come and hand-pick veggies of their choice.



InstaBlood is an application that helps bring genuine blood donors, users in emergency and the blood banks onto one same platform. InstaBlood is a selfless initiative to help people in the worst of their times. It aims at creating a better society and a connected society. InstaBlood has the efficacy to ameliorate the problem of shortage of blood which people face when in an emergency.
InstaBlood helps combat the problem users face when in need of blood suddenly. They look for relatives, friends or any other next to kin. In-spite of having genuine donors, who are although strangers but are willing to donate blood, people in need chose to give them a cold shoulder. Instablood aims at finding a solution to this problem, such that people can search for donors who are in their proximity and contact them. InstaBlood main intention is to create a new and modern blood bank management system so that entire society i.e. individuals and all blood banks are in sync.



Brogels is one stop shop to get latest updates about the gadget review, science and technology, social media,business and entertainment. Brogels is an online blogging platform that will sell information regarding the popular web culture and everything new that is happening around the web. Its a web media and publishing company,growing with an aim to be the single largest provider of news in the internet.


Arrelic is a deep technology startup firm aiming to bring the next level of IoT based sensor technology to transform the mode of manufacturing operation and maintenance practice of various industries.
It aims to help manufacturing industries to improve their overall plant productivity, reliability and minimize total maintenance cost by 25-30% by eliminating machine downtime, lightening management decisions by analysing the machine data with right mind and expertise; for a worry, free operation.
Arrelic recently grabbed the top position in the “Top 5 Most Promising Start-up” in the Grand Finale of Nasscom “Thrive 30” held at Kolkata. Mr Deepak Sahoo, Founder & Director of Arrelic received the award from Mr Kamal Agrawala, Chairman NAASCOM Eastern Region Council at a gala event held at hotel Hayat Regency, Kolkata.
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Darjiwale is based on online tailoring and hand made mattress making services. They provide door to door online services in Bhubaneswar. With world-class mattress makers, Darjiwale offer their services at one go and come to the doorstep of its customers to provide these services.
With an aim to spread across the country and provide the wonderful of service of ‘Darjis’ to the country, Darjiwale aims at bringing back the olden times when a Indian costumes were adorned by everyone in this country.

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