A glance at the name “Postergully” lets you imagine yourself standing in a pathway hanged with beautiful posters. Ask your brother or sister born in the late 90’s who are probably tying the knots of marriage now. You’ll be sure to get an answer on the impact of poster-craze in their time. Posters surely do add life to your mundane walls. Postergully is the place to provide art in your personal space in more than a type. It provides you with a lot of options such as giant-size posters and vibrant tapestries to brighten up your wall. You can get high-quality durable phone cases of 18 brands, 120 models and 450000 plus designs! You can even opt to give your mundane boring wall a life-like gallery look with split canvases.

Bharat Sethi is the prime person behind turning this online curated marketplace for artists and designers into a reality. The temptation to get it kick-started grew only higher from his bedroom up till the launch period. At that time, he was 22 and used to work day and night with only 4 hours of sleep a day! Now, that is some motivation one can learn from. One of the most surprising facts is that he started this idea with a saving of mere Rs 1 lakh. The result turned out to be a product of more than 2 million customers. He found the venture in early 2012 and was getting orders even without taking minimal steps into marketing. He finds that regular digging into Search Engine Optimization and the understanding of the same helped him scale out so quickly.

The startup accelerator “The Hatch” took responsibility for its seed funding but the shutdown of this accelerator proved to be a setback for the online platform. However, it did nothing to stop this man from trying; he knew a bigger opportunity was ahead for Postergully. It helped him understand the marketplace in depth. The pleasant twist in the decision was to build their own brand instead of procuring from international vendors. The rest of the story is history. Now it has unusually high conversions and margins rates. Customer satisfaction also remains on their top priority list. Sethi is a stern believer of GB Shaw’s saying “…all progress depends on the unreasonable man”.  It encouraged him to find ideas in the creativity of budding artists in the local setup. The idea was also inferred by the emerging concept of individualized curated shopping experiences.



Recently, Asian Business Exhibitions and Conferences (ABEC) added it to their portfolio for an undisclosed amount.  Sethi will still serve on the Board team but the venture will be running under a new leadership. The flexible choice for artists and designers to show their own creativity at one click is worth mentioning. Postergully will surely reach great heights with its crazy posters and other cool items in the coming years.


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