Food is life and what if this life is a plate of freshly steamed momos, waiting to be delivered at your door, just a few clicks away?

“It’s about convenience. You have remote to access everything.”

“Time and convenience are considered as the most important parameter for consumers when they’re purchasing meals away from home”, says local restaurant owner in Chennai. The concept of restaurant wasn’t much appreciated in its early days but as they say better late then never,¬†it caught a gradual pace and became one of the biggest business module and a sector worth investing in. Right after its growth all over the world, came the concept of home delivery. Home delivery, in its early stage, was somewhat like Chhotu chai waala, place your order to Chhotu’s boss and it’ll be delivered to you by Chhotu at your doorsteps. The idea was appreciated as it was convenient and all you had to do was pay for your tea and give few bucks to the innocent Chhotu.

Online food ordering & delivering eCommerce is our generation’s Chhotu. Browse through the menu + Select your meal (according to your pocket) + Select the payment mode = Your Meal at your doorsteps in 30 to 45 minutes. MNCs like Dominos, McDonalds, Subway etc. have completely changed the meal eating scenario of the world. By providing online ordering and delivery opportunities, they’ve captured the market.

“If everyone’s thinking alike, then someone isn’t thinking.”

Following them came independent food ordering and delivery companies with something out of the box. They are like mediators connecting you to the restaurants and food outlets, even with the one’s that do not offer any delivery options. They’ll let you decide your menu, select your combos, schedule your meal and offer you exciting discount coupons (inveigling). These companies were hailed for their work as they enabled the customer with all the possible things, they were supposed to do in a restaurant, right on their finger tips while stretching out on their couch.

The foundation was laid by PEAPOD, pioneering the online grocery delivery concept in 1989 by Andrew Parkinson and Thomas Parkinson. Following them came innumerable apps. And currently ruling the segment are FOODPANDA (one of the biggest food service websites, picking up almost double the funding of that of Zomato, with $310 million turnover) and ZOMATO. eCommerce in India is presumed to grow from US $2.9 billion (2013) to a behemoth US $100 billion by 2020, the fastest growing e-commerce market in the world. eCommerce is also experiencing a spurt in online food & restaurant service companies, which is expected to reach $2.7 billion by 2019.

The revamping urban lifestyle of an average Indian citizen, specially the one’s between (18-24), is significant enough to be favorable for the online food order and quick home delivery models to grow at higher rates. The over populated & under-developed country with crowded metro cities and longer travel times are prime parameters for the necessity of convenient, freshly cooked hot food at cheaper rates delivered at your doorstep.

This sector is acknowledged to have a huge potential for growth. Companies with something out of the box, fulfilling more than customer’s demand may venture straight in, but only the best will survive. eCommerce modules who keep their value proposition and their name active in costumers’ mind, will take the biggest share of the Indian online food order and delivery pie.

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