He is the perfect partner to walk around who loves your belly rubs. He loves your favorite things near his comfy bed before jumping to slumber. You can cry your heart out at late night with your soft furry friend and catch up with your movie without worrying about the remote fight. He is your best buddy and a a trustworthy companion. Yes, I am talking about your Pet.

Pets are pretty special in their own way. Their love is pure and unconditional but loved ones need to be spoilt too, isn’t it? So here comes your ultimate genie to turn your pets as one of the cutest bundle of joy. It allows them to have their own sweet time with some pretty playful pawducts for them.

Heads Up For Tails is one of an exclusive store for Pets with lots of love and cuddles. Rashi Narang who is an alumnus of prestigious London School of Economics is the person behind the whole venture. She found her passion in her love for dogs quite early and always wanted to do something related to pets but soon lost it amidst the daily job of a Multinational Company. The true calls of her heart surfaced at a specific incident. The pawsy idea emerged at Sara’s (her pet) first birthday when she could not find a suitable present for her princess dog Sara. So, this problem struck on her mind and lingered on. It slowly motivated her to take it further and start her own line of luxury pet products in the year 2008. From the day of start, Heads Up For Tails has claimed to have shown 50% growth year by year. It is a small team of 15 members who are dedicated and passionately work for the Pet parents. A wide range of products like customized dog beds, chic collars and fashionable dog apparels are available at Heads Up For Tails.

Growing up with dogs had her create even a large scope to think what could be significant to their needs. The dog brushes and combs for the extra-shimmery dogs. Cute sweatshirts for fitness and active pup of yours. Dog odors and controls for the light of your life to keep foul smells at bay. It is a healthy choice for both of your health and especially your dog’s skin which can be prone to infection. You can even join the Birthday Club and tag their birthday to have the chance of shopping in your Pet’s birthday month at a discount voucher. Now that’s too much presents in a bag! One thing which is worth mentioning is showing empathy for all the pets.  For instance, the specialized Orthopedic Dog beds made specifically for the dogs suffering from orthopedic problems.  You can show your love through the drool-worthy pawducts of monthly service of  “The Wag Box” to see their wagging tails and happy barks. So how to go about it? Just fill up the questionnaire about your dog’s personality, shape, size, breed, address and other mandatory details and click. Wait to see how those Wag Boxes surprises your pooch every month.  So shop shop shop and let your barking friends pick up their kits from the doorstop.

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