A feast is a general gathering of people, who get together to share food and perhaps even form a bond over it. Food can be a wonderful instrument in bringing people together. Every place in India offers its own unique food types and habits. But then there are some food lovers who instead of eating, prefer playing host. This idea formed the base for starting up of Feazt, a totally unique venture which presents an opportunity for people to play host or guest – whichever they are comfortable.

How it all began?

Feazt Interactive Systems Pvt. Ltd. was set up on 12th Feb, 2014 with a vision of encouraging socialization over food and reviving the traditional culinary. Feazt is a seed-funded startup completely reinventing the original socialization. Feazt is a community marketplace offering authentic dining experiences in people’s homes around the world. Through Feazt guests can connect with amazing hosts, share stories and unforgettable experiences, and enjoy delicious homemade cuisine. Feazt is a social dining platform that brings passionate home-chefs, professional chefs, travelers and foodies together.

“Food is the universal social lubricant”.
“This is not just a phrase but a belief in all of us”, says the founder Gopi Krishna Kishore Byluppala , who gave up his corporate career to become an entrepreneur. With that belief, Feazt Interactive Systems was founded in 2014 in Hyderabad. Essentially, Feazt.com is a gateway for people to explore different cultures and meet interesting people to build relations over a meal. He further explains his ideology and how Feazt came into picture, “By being part of the community as a host or a guest, users get to create and experience incredible dining experiences – that we call feazts. With amazing people and authentic food, each feazt is an opportunity for you to explore amazing cultures as a pampered guest and network with various people who come to dine with you. Food is the perfect conduit for any two people from any corner of the world. During the time of having a delicious meal, the person is at his most positive state of mind – hence, a perfect time to converse, share ideas, build relations – change the world!
Every meal is an opportunity to meet someone, truly connect with them and build a genuine, sometimes an everlasting relation. It aims to connect diverse people, not over the virtual world of computer screens but in the real world over dining tables and couches to build billions of relations over food across the world. A gateway for people to proudly showcase their culinary skills to the world and be part of unique dining experiences in homes, with world‐class customer service and a growing community of users. The venture was built with an aim to bring people together and to revive the lost culinary traditions. “It is our wish to encourage new ideas and new ways to conduct feazts and thereby create a thriving vibrant ecosystem that nurtures culinary skill and improves human relations.”, Gopi added.

Here’s how you can hold a ‘Feazt’

Any person interested to host can register and feazt host-helper team then contacts the host for a little inspection in which they inspect the kitchen for hygiene and taste sample dish. Later, the host can post the ‘about event’ with date and time and venue along with menu which is completely as per hosts’ choice. Interested guests can pick the event they want to attend and confirm for the same by making the payment. Guests attend the feast and they are asked to give their feedback. Once satisfactory feedback is receiver, feazt is confirmed as successful and the host is paid the amount received from guests after minimal deduction.
The host has all the right to choose who they want to attend the feazt and can cancel anyone whom they don’t want to be a part of it. The host can also set the maximum number of guests they want in the feazt.
In case the guest cancels 48 hours prior to feazt, they get full refund. Cancelling 24-48 hours beforehand will lead to 50% deduction and if cancellation is done less than 24 hours before the feazt, there will be no refund for the guest.
Hosts are charged a minimum subscription fee which includes a deposit in case the host cancels the feazt and a signup fee in order to use the platform for hosting. If the host cancels, guests get full amount returned and deduction is made from the deposit amount of host.
In case the host finds it difficult for it being the first time hosting, feazt can be asked for help and they send their helper to assist which is a complimentary service. Only the meal of assistant is free of cost.
Feedback is taken from the guests after feazt and in case of any discrepancy, amount is deducted from what the guest is supposed to receive.

The creators of Feazt desire to achieve thier goals with the following set of values:

It aims to create not satisfaction but delight in the hearts and minds of all its counterparts ‐ be it guests, hosts, partners or stakeholders. It is the ultimate overriding value of the organization.
Being answerable and accountable to everyone who is associated with the organization. This forms the backbone of their organization. Feazt cares about the community and the environment as well, hence, all our business practices aim at running with a sustainable and environment friendly as well as socially-driven perspective. Feazt provides option of rating and reviewing a host or a particular feazt for future reference of any new enthusiast.
It is a wonderful platform to form new friendships. Hence, it’s recent recognition is understandable. It was featured in the list of Hyderabad’s top 10 startups for 2015 in the 23rd edition of Annual Industry Summit and Awards organized by HYSEA speaks for the growing popularity and success of Feazt. Perhaps, the foodies may have found their tinder.
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