In the era of internet and startups entrepreneurs have found success because of their innovative and creative ideas and such a creative approach is DocsApp. DocsApp is an online application to consult doctors or MDs. DocsApp is a mobile platform where people from India can consult specialist Doctors within 30 minutes in various specializations through chat or call from the location of their convenience. Top doctors and MDs are just a few taps away. The portal has shortened the distance between a patient and the doctor which makes it stand at the top of the league. You don’t have to travel, wait or wait in the que for appointment.

Satish Kannan comes with prior experience in healthcare sector through his previous stint at Philips healthcare, while Enbasekar D previously helped build technologies to identify blindness caused by diabetes.

The duo worked in the healthcare sector after their graduation. They soon realised the problems posed in the healthcare sector. Realising this they talked to doctors and observed patient behaviour. They took the challenge of solving this issue and on July 31st, 2013 DocsApp was launched by the duo.
Satish Kannan is the founder of Docsapp whereas Enbasekar Dinadayalane is the Co-founder/CTO of the company.


DocsApp was founded in 2015 by IIT-Madras alumni and the founders Satish Kannan and Enbasekar Dinadayalane at the IIT-Madras Research Park.

The target audience included busy professionals, people originating from areas where the medical facility is scarce, and the major users were those hesitant who avoid going to the specialist – sexologists and psychiatrists.

DocsApp initially comprised of a team of six which has later grown to 100s today. The app has had over 2.5 million downloads.It is also claimed that it is the only mobile app that has received ISO certification for quality control , security management, and customer complaints handling.


Patients can chat with the doctor and also share pictures and reports of the disease with the doctors privately.
DocsApp works on a revenue sharing model with their doctor partners and take a percentage on each transaction.
Users can pay through their credit, debit cards or even deduct the amount from their mobile balance.

Specialisation include:

Pediatrics – Fever, Cold for babies, Growth tracking

Sexology – Problems related to sex

Psychiatry – depressions and other mental health issues

Lactation counselling- for new mothers

Gynecology – PCOS, periods , PCOD issues

Dermatology – skin issues, hair fall issues

General Medicine – Fever, cold, infections

Weight Management – Diet & Nutrition for Weight management

Pregnancy diet – post pregnancy weight management

Infertility – IVF, treatment plans


DocsApp says that their product has been designed to give the best experience to patients with complete privacy. So far majority of DocsApp users have come from major cities like Bengaluru, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.

It was also declared as the number one medical app of 2017 by Facebook and Amazon. It is also claimed that around 2000 customers pay to consult doctors online on DocsApp everyday, which is higher than any hospital.

With about 500 doctors and 3,000 labs in their network currently, the startup aims to utilise the funding to develop and expand their scale of operations, recruit talent and invest in technological advancement to better cater to their customers and partners. DocsApp, announced some days ago that it had raised $1.2 million in seed funding from Facebook’s angel investors Anand Rajaraman, Venky Harinarayan and Japanese Venture Capital firm Rebright Partners.


“It’s estimated that up to 70 percent of the most common health issues people face can be managed online. The patient doesn’t need to travel to have a medical consultation. We want to bridge the gap between patients and doctors through this platform so that people can get expert consultation on demand. We believe that this will also help us take specialised care downstream to more remote areas across the country.”, says Satish Kannan.

In an interview with YourStory, “The future hospitals, as I see, will be 70 percent online and 30 percent offline. You would get your OPD consultations done easily over the mobile and see the doctor on a video chat. At junctures where a physical examination is mandatory by the doctor, you would go down and meet the doctor and do further follow-up consultations again online. Primarily procedures and surgeries would then happen in the offline hospitals. What I see at DocsApp today is we provide specialist doctor consultation for more than 2,000 patients a day, which is higher than any other offline hospital. This is an indicator of the world that we are going to see where patients will primarily gain access to doctors online and meet physically only when absolutely necessary,” says Satish.


The application is efficient and useful specially to those who are busy with their tight daily schedule and are suffering from any kind of health issues.


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