Monday, October 26, 2020


Content Lead

24 year old Taurean, Poet, Wanderlust, Photographer, Foodie, Social Butterfly, Serial Entrepreneur are often used to describe Vasishta. With a passion to make the world better, he vigorously works on newer ideas and newer ventures. As a Sigma Ambivert Thespian, he is friendly, warm and loves to have long intellectual conversation. He loves to read and his personal collection boasts of over 3000 books


Chief Editor

Neha Mishra is a marketer by day and a scribbler by night. A freelance content and copy writer, she breathes grammar and lives on words. A wordsmith by choice and a poet by passion, she dreams about mountains, quaint libraries and pretty cafes.  She is a thinker and believer of the subconscious.
Cats speaking human tongue, pigeons ruling this world, etc., are few things which keeps her mind occupied.


City Beat Journalist

A 20 year old from Bangalore, Rahul is currently doing computer science engineering from Ramaiah Institute of Technology in Bangalore. Rahul considers himself to be a competitor and he has passion for computers. He believes in expressions his opinions and views, no matter what the consequences are.


City Beat Journalist

Born and brought up in the city of Nawabs, Lucknow, Journalism student in Mumbai. Big time Introvert, mood, bathroom singer and can do anything legit for food. I love writing thoughts down and like exploring new things. If there is one thing that I’m always ready for is Travelling. “Work hard building your dreams or else someone else will hire you to build theirs” is one thing that motivates me to work hard. I wanna make my parents very proud someday. I am an enthusiast of stars, horoscopes and good books. I like people who introduce me to new music. Life Motto: Survive


City Beat Journalist

An industrious person. Born in “The City of Nawabs” and brought up in “The Lap of Himalayas” . Majoring in Chemical Engineering from Chennai. He ponders over to know about the power dwelling in humans to understand the meaning of their existence. Want to access in the depth of the creative ability of human, what human minds desire to experience. Keen in knowing the virtue of life. This is what defines him.


City Beat Journalist

An 18-year old scribbler who is currently pursuing Economics in the University of Delhi. Inquisitiveness resides within him from head to toe along with a great lust for travelling and making new friends. He’s extremely passionate about entering the corporate sector one day and making better for the underprivileged. He works hard until everything appears sublime to him and being a karma believer, he always lives in anticipation of what destiny beholds for him