So finally after a year long wait, Apple is back with the next series of its most celebrated and amazing product – the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. But this year, what took us all by surprise in its first is the launch of the all new iPhone X. This launch basically marks the ten-year anniversary of the iPhone which was first launched by Steve Jobs in 2007.

Apple has never disappointed anyone when it comes to features and specifications of the product.
The iPhone X is surely an eye-catcher as its sleek edge-to-edge design and glass body is something which cannot be ignored easily. Weighing about 174g, the iPhone X is set to operate on iOS 11, the latest op offered by Apple. It boasts of a hexa-core CPU, a 3 GB RAM, wireless charging, face detection and a 5.8 inch Super Retina HD display as well. And coming to the camera it comes with a 12MP primary and a 7MP secondary camera. The phone will be manufactured in two variants i.e. 64 GB and 256 GB.

Having discussed its ever-so-amazing features we end up on an extremely important question – how much does it cost?

Now all previous models of the iPhone are evidence that Apple, just like the features never compromises on the price too which makes iPhone X a $999 bid. For the 256 GB variant this cost rises further to $1149. Does this phone actually deserve to be priced at such a high number? Let’s find out.

First of all, it is very clear that such a high price will reduce the number of customers in Apple’s customer target group as the middle-class population (which makes up the most in an economy) cannot afford something priced so high which further implies that the product is limited to the upper middle class and the high class. But this doesn’t mean that they cannot even go for investment in Apple’s shares. They can invest the money in the Stock Exchange and assessing the current conditions of the company, it’s quite obvious that its share turnout will increase by the end of this year.

Secondly, even if I am rich enough to buy myself an iPhone X, I don’t find any point in doing that. Everyone knows that Apple has been defeated by Android when it comes to accessing apps, music, movies, etc. as all this stuff is paid in Apple. Rather than buying an iPhone X, I would instead invest my money in a good Android phone which provides me all top-class features rather than spending $999 for a simple logo of an eaten apple. Harsh, as it may seem but all of us very well know that people who buy iPhones pay so much just for that eaten apple logo on the back of the phone. In the modern day, it has become a way of showcasing class, which I find quite useless, personally speaking.
Actually it was expected that the next iPhone is going to have a high price but $999 is way too much. Connecting it to the Indian scenario, who’s gonna buy a phone for 70,000 bucks? In a country where the median income of the citizens is $1570, will anyone spend $999 on a mobile phone? NO!

The products that Apple Inc. devises are amazing but they need to understand that charging so high renders them nothing in the long run. I’m sure that if a well-versed engineer reverse engineers this iPhone X, it would be very clear from the results that Apple is overcharging this time. Around $500 out of this $999 seems to be the brand value and nothing else.

All in all I feel that the phone might be the best in the world but its price surely isn’t.


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